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Looking Back with Love by John Ridley & James V. Hart & Jeff Nathanson and Disney

In 1960s, Mike Love kicked out from his family's home for the band of the Beach Boys. In 1978, a 10-year-old son, Christian Love arrived to see his father, Mike, and staying with him for Father and Son.

Nature Cat by Adam Rudman, David Rudman and Todd Hannert , Dreamworks Animation

a house cat with dreams of exploring outside. Once his family leaves for the day, he transforms into Nature Cat, who cannot wait for backyard nature excursions.

FIGHT CLUB by Chuck Palahniuk, Reinterpretation by Tristan Hartup

Basically following the plot and characterization of Fight Club set a high school. The story follows the Narrator who's this kid in high school who's sort of caught up the cycle of stress and grades, until he meets Tyler Durden who shows him how to rebel against the system. MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong brutal violent content, pervasive language including sexual references and teen partying.

NETWORK by Gemini-Silver, Focus Features, and Interpid Pictures

This movie focuses on various stories based on some of the dangers of social media, including a single father struggling to move on with his wife's passing while dealing with a daughter addicted to social media that faces potential danger of cyber bullying, a soldier trying to connect with his girlfriend long distance while serving a tour in Afghanistan, and a young college dropout delving into the underworld of crime after being unknowingly manipulated online to earn cash through a series of dangerous criminal activities. MPAA: Rated R for strong language and brief violence throughout, some sexuality, and thematic elements. ...

Kick-Ass(2020) by Matthew Vaughn

Kick-Ass made 10 years later.

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Romeo and Juliet

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