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POWER CREW: REGENERATION (2007) by Tristan Hartup, John Silver, Vincent Garcia

What if Power Crew Regeneration was made in the 2000's "It's time for the age of heroes to come again." After being exposed to contaminated Necrodrake chemicals, US military general Martin Finnegan Halcyrus has been mentally and physically infected and corrupted into a powerful and savage supervillain, and he eventually finds his into the presence of Queen McBride, a ruthless female British crime matriarch with the soul of a rogue Malekyth who upon discovering Halcyrus, decides to use the Necrodrake chemicals to create an army to eradicate the Malekyths and Aeyons and enslave the rest of humanity. In this desperate ...

MONSTER HUNTERS by Giovanni Garcia

In the year 2035, upon the discovery of extraterrestrial life on earth and the invention of mind-control technology, The military captures and rounds up a diverse and dangerous group of alien creatures with the intent of mind controlling them and using them as the next step in military warfare. Despite numerous warnings and protesting from scientists, the military still continues on with the experiment. The experiment soon goes awry and the once thought mindless alien creatures begin to gain intelligence and self awareness and soon go on a bloody rampage attacking their captors and escape the military faculty their we're ...

DODGE REX AND P.A.M by Vincent Garcia

In 2058 Los Angeles, Earth is protected by SUPER-FORCE who are group of superheroes who are beloved by innocent civilians for always protect them. Until one day, most of SUPER-FORCE heroes are captured by a young ambitious but ruthless billionaire who transform into a solar-energy supervillain and want to turn off the whole world so the people will bow down to him. In order to stop him, The commander of SUPER-FORCE reluctantly called Dodge Rex and P.A.M to help them of stopping the villain from turn off the world. The problem is..... Dodge Rex is not your typical superhero and ...

EYE OF THE INFERNO by Tristan Hartup

Upon the discovery of a mysterious chain of uncharted islands hidden in the Indian ocean, a ragtag group of scientists, explorers and humanitarians have been sent to explore and survey the area of the islands. But soon after arriving, they realize that the islands have been claimed by a multi-billion dollar mining corporation accompanied by a private military contractor team for security, has been working there since learning that the entire subterranean of the islands is made up of highly valuable minerals. Despite the scientists' trying to warn them seeing that they don't know what is living on these islands, ...

Nexus (2018 Revision) by Andrew Milito

(Been doing a lot of writing on this project recently, so I thought it might be fun to do an update, since the original is two years old. The original: Elio Hawkins is a "junkie" on the desert planet Inviota: a scavenger of parts of fallen starships that sells them for profit, or collects them for personal use. Orphaned as a child, with his only brother gone to fight in the War, Elio's isolated life is changed when he meets Valéria, an enigmatic desert drifter who saves him when he's left for dead by a group of particularly violent ...

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