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EYES IN THE DARK by Tristan Hartup

After a series of horrific incidents during his combat days, former Navy fighter pilot Mason Pratt is been emotionally traumatised resulting in frequent nightmares, emotional breakdowns and high levels of stress and paranoia. After witnessing the mysterious death of an old friend, Mason begins trying to keep tabs on a mysterious group of people he suspects are part of a much bigger picture. MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong disturbing violent images including a scene of sexual assault, and language. Other Characters: Carolyn Miller - Mason's beautiful and comforting girlfriend and the assistant to a federal prosecutor. Steven Samuels - ...

GEEK TRAGEDY by Tristan Hartup

22 year old down-on-his-luck, sarcastic, unemployed and unambitious slacker college dropout Rick Stevenson spends a lot of his time getting pulled into wacky schemes by his super geek roommate Joey who wants to do anything he can to be a successful comic book writer. After a potential deal with a snooty head of a comic book company goes south, Rick unwittingly gets into cosplay and begins attending numerous comic conversations to snuggle up to big comic book companies to get Joey's comic book deal arranged and gets up close with the geek culture. But before too long, a series of ...

White Bird by Warner Bros Pictures

A group of six astronauts have the mission to explore a new unhabited planet. But one of the members of the group is trying to sabotage the mission, by deactivating the contact to the NASA and the control of the White Bird (the main ship) so they can not return home. This movie is a Sci-fi mystery film, that will be full of tension, suspense, amazing cinematography and visual effects, and even some unexpected disturbing scenes. Every member of the team has unknown backstories, so anyone could be the villain. The film will take place mainly inside of the White ...

Prisoners (2023) by Denis Villeneuve

Prisoners made 10 years later.

Lucifer (Early 2000's) by Tom Ellis

What if Lucifer was made in the early 2000s?

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