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THE NIGHT ROT by Tristan Hartup, suggested by NerdBoy359

Ever since a shockingly horrific incident that happened to him when he was very young, archaeologist Wesley Sorthed suffers from multiple mental problems; a unique form of dipolar disorder and nightmarish hallucinations caused by chronic insomnia. These happen whenever Wesley is relaxed, so to try avoid this, Wesley has to keep both his mind and body constantly focused on and busy with any job he's presented with, so he's always travelling and he doesn't have a personal relationship with anyone, though his dedication and focus on his work has allowed him to be much smarter than the average human being. ...

Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour by Bryan O'Malley and James Gunn

it starts off not-so fine as Scott is having a nightmare, in which he is wandering through his Dream Desert and he sees an image of Ramona. He dashes to it, but it suddenly turns into an image of Gideon who tells him he's waiting, before a flash blinds him. We then go to the real world where it has been four months since Ramona disappeared. Scott wastes away his time playing video games on his couch despite efforts from Wallace and Stephen to get him to go out, during the latter's visit Stephen reveals he started a new band. ...

Artificial Life by Warner Bros Pictures

Welcome to Midland Grove, a small town full of nice people that's inside an online life simulation game (exactly like The Sims), where every people living there is an avatar controlled by users living on a real world. The only times where those avatars are in freedom to do anything they want are when the user is not commanding them to do actions or when the user closes the game. The main story revolves around a teenage avatar named Eddie Barton. His life will take a strange turn when somehow he discovers in his dreams the truth about that artificial ...

THE DARK CHASERS by Tristan Hartup and Vincent Garcia

Troubled yet cocky young woman Mathilda Aylmer who despite thinking that she comes a relatively normal family always knew that there was something odd about them. Her suspicion is confirmed when one night she is suddenly attacked by a strange creature, though she manages to escape, this prompts her mother to inform her of all the secrets of their family: the devil is real and monsters exist, and that their family, for many generations, is apart of a clan of monster hunters that has existed since medieval times, and that this is all part of the war between the Malekyths ...

Little Ghost by Andrew Milito

(I've set up a tiny little survey on my profile if you guys would like to check it out! I'd like to start posting more ideas here now that I'm on summer break!) 13-year-old Michael Mathison lives a troubled life in rural Indiana. Michael feels out of place at home, succumbing to life as the family's middle child. Michael feels out of place at school even more so, with his love for art, and appreciation for learning in general, not earning him any acquaintances his own age. Michael's life takes a hard turn into the unordinary, however, as mysterious happenings ...

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