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Titles Tagged “fantasy”

Nim's Island (2018) by Fox/Walden Media

Nim's Island made 10 years later.

Lester and The Creatures: Rise of Archangel by John Silver and Vin13ish

Lester and The Creatures must split up so Lester and his gang will finally put the end of Omega while others are going to rescue Bloisir who have been sold to Ruthless Space Pirates thank to The Reaper. However Archangel escape from Prison and he is following Lester and his gang Lester have a strange vision of his father is still alive in a different dimension MPAA: Rated R for intense sequences of bloody sci-fi violence and gore throughout, mayhem, mature thematic material, and strong language. Returning Characters Lester Mindock- He is reunited with his mother but is reluctant to ...

Ghostbusters(1984)(Action Heroes) by Ivan Reitman

If Ghostbusters cast were action heroes.

TILL DEATH DO US APART (Eternal Love) by Originally by vin13ish, Reimagined by John Silver

Nick Morrison and Emily Conlon are two young lovers who have met in the 1940's during the beginning of World War II. Unfortunately, Nick is a soldier enlisted to help the Allies defeat the Germans while Emily is a nurse who are separated after the escalating tensions of the war worsen. During the war, Nick is killed in action while Emily suffers from a terminal illness which completely rips her life apart, until one day, Nick is revived by a mysterious force that grants him the ability to live longer for an uncertain period of time; Emily is cured at ...

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2023) by Ben Stiller and James Thurber

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty made 10 years later.

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Carol (60s)

The film made in the 60s

Re-Animated (2019)

The Film Made by 12 Years

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The Help (1991)

The movie made in the 90s


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