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Titles Tagged “family”

Daddy's Home (2005) by Sean Anders

What if Daddy's Home had been made 10 years earlier?

Babe (2015) by Universal Pictures

If Babe was made 20 years later

Yours, Mine & Ours (2015) by Paramount Pictures/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Nickelodeon Movies/Columbia Pictures

If Yours, Mine & Ours was made 10 years later

Snow Dogs (2012) by Walt Disney Pictures

If Snow Dogs was made 10 years later

Scooby-Doo (2012) by Warner Bros. Pictures

If the live-action Scooby-Doo was made 10 years later

Popular Titles

The Death of Superman (1994)

Christopher Reeve returns as Superman in his final battle with his ultimate nemesis Doomsday, A ...

Reservoir Cats (1995)

A spin-off/sequel to Reservoir Dogs with an all-female cast, set in 1995, smart, depressed women ...

Everything Everything (1987)

If Everything Everything was made 30 years earlier


In an alternate Earth, Humans and fantastical creatures/beings are struggling to co-exist with each other ...

12 Years a Slave (1973)

If 12 Years a Slave was made 40 years earlier.


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