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A CROOK'S WONDERLAND by "Delivery Boy" by Tristan Hartup, "Confident Al" by John Silver

After killing top of the pyramid mobster Larry Hartigan and disposing the unknown drugs he was supposed to be delivering, young nicotine gum chewing street smart mob delivery boy who calls himself "D.B." turns his back on his life in the criminal underworld and takes a job as a regular pizza delivery boy. Until he is eventually pulled right back when he runs into wisecracking yet narcissistic crooked cop Albert "Al" Matthews and soon, the dysfunctional pair unwittingly team up and use their connections in the criminal underworld to bring down anyone attempting to claim the top of the pyramid ...

FRONT by Tristan Hartup

Scott Craig is a young guy who hates everyone and everything around him, although he's highly educated and actually has potential for good things in life, he prefers a life of being a nobody. Until he is begrudgingly roped into being a snitch for the FBI who are investigating law firms that are suspected of being a front for a sex slavery ring. But the investigation goes nowhere and Scott is dismissed, but soon he begins to take on the investigation himself when he encounters and forms anstrong connection with a pregnant woman in dire need of help. MPAA Rating: ...

The Murder Comedy Theater by Columbia

In 1976, Arrogant but unsuccessful Hollywood producer who have so many box office bomb! In order to revive his career. He decide to open up his own improvisational Comedy Theater but he end up witness a deranged criminal who murder the investor and this criminal threatened to kill him if he call cop on him. To save his life, He convince a criminal to become his partner and decide to name "The Murder Comedy Theater" Main Characters Montgomery Wells- An arrogant but unsuccessful Hollywood Producer who is partnered with a deranged criminal in order to save his life from him ...

EXPENDABLE REBELS by "Rebels" by Tristan Hartup, "The Expendables" by Sylvester Stallone

A crossover between my Rebels series and The Expendables series. After so many of their escapades, the Rebels end up catching the attention of the US government and now they want the boys to be apprehended and face trial, and through backdoor dealing, the government make a deal with the Expendables to hunt the Rebels down. But soon the Rebels begin to notice suspicious connection the newly elected president and a dangerous and determined Irish mercenary who wants both groups dead, so the boys try to combat the Expendables and convince them to help them. MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for ...

Hollywood Town by Warner Bros. Pictures

The film takes a snapshot of people involved in the film businesses in 1950s Golden Age of Hollywood. It has 24 main characters Main Characters Edgar Wolfe- A tough but conflicted "fixer" who is having affair with a young Hollywood actress Susan Goldstein- A young Hollywood actress who is having affair with Edgar Wolfe Mary Wolfe- Edgar's wife who doesn't know about Edgar having affair with Susan Tyrone Doyle- A Hollywood Biggest Star who is trying to make his son more famous than him Barry Carraway- A film director and Tyrone's friend who is reluctant to cast Tyrone's son in ...

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