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Brick(2021) by Rian Johnson

The 2006 film, “Brick” if it came out 16 years later.

Small Town by Skeeter Hurd

Two Polish hitmen get revenge on a priest. (NOTE: It’s a spin-off of Little Moscow, it’s the part of The Tales of Europe universe.) CHARACTER LIST: Filip - He is a hitman. Jakub - He is a hitman. Syzmon - He is a priest. Anna - She is a lawyer. Magdalena - She is Anna’s daughter. Michal - He is a homeless man. Ewa- She is a prostitute. Stanislaw - He is a police officer. Lukasz - He is a porn star. MPAA Rating: R for bloody violence, language, drug use, some sexual content and nudity

The Bad Guys (90s) by Aaron Blabey

After a lifetime of legendary heists, notorious criminals Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark and Ms. Tarantula are finally caught. To avoid a prison sentence, the animal outlaws must pull off their most challenging con yet – becoming model citizens. Under the tutelage of their mentor, Professor Marmalade, the dubious gang sets out to fool the world that they're turning good.

A Village Called Gravity by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

A brother and sister goes after a mobster who murdered their father. (NOTE: It has an ensemble cast.) CHARACTER LIST: Pete - He is a drifter. Daisy - She is Pete’s younger sister. Jackie - She is Pete and Daisy’s cancer stricken mother. Robert - He is Pete and Daisy’s deceased father. Max - He is a drug dealer. Krystal - She is a drug addict. Tommy - He is a delivery boy. Tammy - She is Timothy’s punk rock girlfriend. Josh - He is Pete’s best friend. Miyuki - She is a Japanese American young woman. James - He …

Ambulance (2002) by Michael Bay

Two robbers steal an ambulance after their heist goes awry.

West Side Story (2001) by Steven Spielberg

West Side Story explores forbidden love and the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds.

Taxi (2022) by Twentieth Century Fox

A mouthy and feisty taxicab driver has hot tips for a green and inept cop set on solving a string of New York City bank robberies committed by a quartet of female Brazilian bank robbers.

Tokyo Revisited by Skeeter Hurd

An American police officer teams up with a Japanese convicted felon to take down a drug lord who set them up in a drug deal gone wrong. PITCH: It’s like Black Rain meets 48 Hours. CHARACTER LIST: Johnny - He is a police officer. Hiroshi - He is a convicted felon. Yuka - She is Hiroshi’s younger sister. Kenji - He is a drug lord. Akemi - She is Kenji’s right hand woman. Jiro - He is one of Kenji’s henchmen. Daisuke - He is one of Kenji’s henchmen. MPAA Rating: R for strong violence, pervasive language, sexuality and brief …

The Adventures of Cute Bunny by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

A high school student switches bodies with a man wearing a bunny superhero suit. PITCH: It’s like Freaky Friday meets Kick Ass. CHARACTER LIST: Ashley Beckett - She is a high school student. Ray Dwight - He is a teacher by day, crime fighting superhero by night. MPAA Rating: R for strong violence, strong sexual content including graphic dialogue, language, nudity and drug content - all involving teens

Gunshot Party by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

Intertwined stories between a hitman, a radio host, a pimp and a mob boss find themselves in a drug deal gone wrong. PITCH: It’s like Pulp Fiction meets Sicario. (NOTE: It has an ensemble cast.) CHARACTER LIST: Marie - She is a radio host. Timothy - He is a hitman. Carl - He is a pimp. Betty - She is a prostitute. Lola - She is a college student. Jillian - She is a college student. Leo - He is a mob boss. Carmina - She is Leo’s right hand woman. Aaron - He is a male prostitute. Nick - …

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