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Imagine Casting

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Damien Chazelle's The Big Lebowski by The Coen Brothers

What if Damien Chazelle directed The Big Lebowski?

Spike Jonze's La La Land by Damien Chazelle

What if Spike Jonze directed La La Land RATED PG-13 for some language

Deadpool (2025) by Tim Miller, Fox

what if Deadpool was made 11 years later.

MY TRIP WITH MY PARENTS by Warner Bros. Pictures

This is about a ten years boy and his parents who are considered to divorcing with each other after losing love with each other. This boy decides to convince his parents make a road trip to Hollywood in order to distract them from getting a divorce but unknown to him, This road trip will help his parents to find their lost love for each other It take place in 1997 as the narrator is Older Ezra Palmer who told his story to his children of how his trip to Hollywood saved the marriage of his parents as it reveals that ...

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1980's) by Jim Sharman and Richard O'Brien

If The Rocky Horror Picture Show was instead made a decade later, who would you cast?

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Oscars and the movies made 20 years earlier.

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Good Friday the 13th Return to Crystal lake

Tommy Jarvis along with Crichton Duke who now has a back brace save a group ...

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SYNOPSIS: After a horrible boating accident kills her father John and twin brother Peter, Angela ...


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