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Dirty Grandpa (1996) by Dan Mazer

Dirty Grandpa made 20 years earlier

Me and Those 2 Criminal Brothers (2016) by Universal

Think Forrest Gump meet Big Fish meet Dumb and Dumber In 2016, a dying author told his daughter of how those 2 criminal brothers change his life forever Characters Thomas May- an elderly man who want to spend his last week with his daughter by telling her of his adventure with The Brody Brothers Warren Brody- The Insane and Idiot older brother of Al Brody Al Brody- The Brilliant but lazy younger brother of Warren Brody Diana May- The British Wife of Thomas who met him in mid-60s thank to The Brody Brothers Emily May- The Daughter of Thomas who ...

Home Alone by John Hughes and 20th Century Fox

Kevin McCallister is growing up as a man since in many years ago, from his childhood to a manhood. Fuller asked his cousin to go meet Uncle Rob's cousin, Jenny, lives in Tyler, Texas. Kevin meets the young man, David Wallace Peterson (Jimmy Bennett), and his former police inspector, Carlson Lee Shang (Jackie Chan), staying at the house by the mansion. The six people are criminal to kidnapped David. Kevin can make the plan of the booby traps.

Bowlfinger(2019) by Steve Martin and Frank Oz

Z-grade film producer Bobby Bowfinger is extremely eager to direct a film of his own and has saved up for it his entire life — he now has $2,184 to pay for production costs. He has a script ("Chubby Rain") penned by an accountant, Afrim, and a camera operator, Dave, with access to studio-owned equipment. Bowfinger then lines up several actors who are hungry for work; the only other thing he needs is access to a studio in order to distribute his masterwork. He manages to extract a promise from a film studio executive, Jerry Renfro, that the executive will ...

Tex Avery by Warner Bros. Television & Imagine Entertainment and Lifetime

This book made in John Canemaker's "Tex Avery: The MGM Years, 1942–1955" and this story for Tex Avery is leaving Warner Bros. Studios to MGM Cartoons with his loving partner actress, Paulette Goddard.

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Orlando (2012)

Orlando made 20 years later

Freedom Planet: The Movie

What if Based on the Video Game "Freedom Planet" was on the Movie? Voice Actor/Actress ...

Blake Edwards

Blake Edwards is best known for directed The Pink Panther It focus on his marriage ...

Romeo and Juliet

This story for William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is a young man as a ...

Moonrise Kingdom (2022)

Moonrise Kingdom made 10 years later.


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