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Titles Tagged “comedy”

Max Keeble's Big Move (2018) by Disney

The Film Made 17 Years Later

No More Excuses by Robert Benton & Aaron Spelling

Business Partners of the Corporation Headquarters in Washington DC decided to put an end of citizens using Profanity, in the society so no one spreads a word about each other on the social media.

Triple Date by 20th Century Fox

A woman who have a straight boyfriend who HATE Gay or Lesbian decides to have a triple date with a gay couple and lesbian couple much of her boyfriend's dismay Rebecca Walker- A straight woman who is tired of her straight boyfriend being afraid of gay and lesbians decides to have him conquer the fear by setting up the TRIPLE DATE Ian Dunn- Rebecca's Boyfriend who is straight and have a huge hatred toward Gay and Lesbians after his traumatized experience with them when he was younger Wesley Nelson- A Gay man who is offensive by Ian's homophobia and talk ...

The Family (2023) by Luc Besson

The movie starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer 10 years later

People Like Us (2022) by Alex Kurtzman

The movie 10 year later

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Rage Against the Messiah

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Tinseltown Woes

SYNOPSIS: A coming-of-age dramedy revolving around Steven, who wants to be a filmmaker and he's ...

Hasbro's The Transformers

SYNOPSIS: A reboot of the Transformers franchise, ignoring the Michael Bay series and taking inspiration ...


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