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Titles Tagged “adventure”

CHANCE by Tristan Hartup

In an alternate Earth, Humans and fantastical creatures/beings are struggling to co-exist with each other in modern day society. In the midst of this, young antisocial human outcast Chance Bowman arrives in San Francisco to attend college, though only attending human schools in the past and being one the few only humans at the college, Chance feels alienated though he's trying make it through, but his first couple of days have gone horribly, with complaints of his poor punctuality and him being human causing him to be a victim of abuse, so he decides to leave, but before he does, ...

Ghost Rider (1987) by Marvel

What if Ghost Rider was made in the 80's?

FLASH FLOOD by Kyle Cooke

PLOT: After his younger sister goes off on a summer-before-high school trip to Florida, 22-year-old, Will Burke is having the time of his life. However, when he finds out on TV that he sees a flood heading for where Florida is at, Will talks his estranged father and estranged older sister to help him save his younger sister. COMPARISON PITCH: San Andreas meets The Day After Tomorrow meets Deep Impact meets Daylight MPAA RATING: PG-13 for intense disaster action and mayhem throughout, and brief strong language


PLOT: After Claudia Larkin and William Hudson got married and had a son named Alexander, Claudia retired from the game for good. However, when a threat comes, Claudia postpones her retirement. COMPARISON PITCH: Atomic Blonde meets John Wick meets Sicario meets Taken MPAA RATING: R for intense sequences of strong violence, brutal action violence, strong pervasive language, some nudity, sexual content and some drug material

M.N.5: REAWAKENING by Kyle Cooke

PLOT: In the fifth film in the Mike Nolan standalone film series, Five young people, Monica Nolan(daughter of Mike and Annabel), Susan Croft(daughter of Amber and Arnold), Liam Smith(son of Matilda and Jared), Brandon Hobbs(son of Eric Hobbs and Maya Brandt)and Alex Nolan(son of Bobby and Missy)and their siblings, Elena, Conner, Ethan, Penelope, Gerald, Zachary, Haley, Jackson, Harper, Susie, Tyler and Maddie are now being trained to be assassins by now retired hitman, Mike Nolan, because Monica was born to follow in her father's footsteps. COMPARISON PITCH: John Wick meets Atomic Blonde meets The Dark Tower meets Kong: Skull Island ...

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The LEGO Invaders Movie

If The Invaders was made into a LEGO Movie MPAA Rating: PG for crude humor, ...

10 to Midnight

a Remake of the 1983 Action film with Charles Bronson

Infinity War (Anime Version)

All of Anime's Greatest Heroes team up together for the first time ever!

The New Guy

If The New Guy was remade

Die Bad

Star crossed lovers find themselves on the run as they're caught by drug dealers. It's ...


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