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Phantom of the Opera: 30th Anniversary Cast by Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe

It's almost the thirtieth anniversary of Phantom of the Opera!

The Voice by Whitney Houston

The life of the great singer Whitney Houston

Gay Purr-ee by Warner Bros. Pictures, Phil Nibbelink Productions, A. Film A/S, Plus One Animation, Munich Animation

This is the story of 1962, a 19-year-old, Philippe Jacques Moulin, also known as, "Phil Moulin", who was graduated from college for the animals' day care. In the farm, Mewsette, a starry-eyed cat who grows weary of life on a French farm and heads for the excitement of Paris, France. Her tomcat suitor, Jaune-Tom, and his furry cohort, Robespierre, chase after Mewsette, but she's already fallen under the spell of a feline modeling-school racket run by the plump Madame Rubens-Chatte, and her slimy assistant, Meowrice. Phil met Mewsette lost in Paris after Meowrice and his henchmen looked for her. When ...

Mr. Holiday's Musical by Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt and Alan Menken

2 Actress, One from America and One from Britain decides to team up to do a Broadway musical in order to save their falling career. The duo finds a screenplay of Mr. Holiday's Musical which based on the life of a 1930s-type movie director named Robard Holiday who directed bunch of musical movies and he is also a Broadway theater director. According to this screenplay, Mr. Holiday suddenly disappeared and was presumed dead. They loved his story but they got an unexpected visitor.... Robard Holiday! He tries to persuaded them of not doing his Broadway musical! Can those 2 actress ...

Les Miserables (2022) by Victor Hugo

Les Miserables made 10 years later

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Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild (Live Action)

A Live Action Version of Stuart Little 3


Travis Bridger is an introverted man who is exhausted of traveling around the world and ...

Apocalypse Z VI

It is the sixth and final installment in the Apocalypse Z series Plot The Predators ...

Rocky IV 1975

if Rocky IV gets 40 years earlier

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2017)

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story made 10 years later.


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