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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess by Nintendo

PART VIII OF THE NINTENDO CINEMATIC UNIVERSE SYNOPSIS: It's been a few years after Link and Zelda have established the kingdom of Hyrule. Zelda is the Princess of the Kingdom while Link decides to work as a ranch hand in Ordon Village. However, he soon finds himself trying to prevent Hyrule from being engulfed by a corrupted parallel dimension known as the Twilight Realm. In order to do so, he takes the form of both a Hylian and a wolf, and is assisted by a mysterious imp-like Twilight creature named Midna. MPAA RATING: PG-13 for intense sequences of fantasy action ...

Super Mario Galaxy by Nintendo

PART VII OF THE NINTENDO CINEMATIC UNIVERSE SYNOPSIS: After saving Peach, who's now the Princess of the newly restored Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi are invited to the centennial Star Festival to celebrate a special comet that passes overhead every 100 years. Shortly afterwards, Bowser is resurrected by his children and they all invade the Mushroom Kingdom with a surprise attack in a fleet of airships. Summoning a gigantic flying saucer, Peach's entire castle is removed from its foundations and is lifted into outer space. Kamek, one of Bowser's minions, launch Mario, Luigi, and Peach onto a small planet with ...

Pokémon by Nintendo

PART IV OF THE NINTENDO CINEMATIC UNIVERSE SYNOPSIS: On his 13th birthday, Ash Ketchum is able to to start his journey in the world of Pokémon and he dreams of becoming a Pokémon master. Professor Oak gives Ash a Pokémon named Pikachu, who doesn't trust him at first but begins to warm up to him after he protects it from a group of angry Spearow. The two then both see a mysterious and unidentifiable Pokémon that spurs both of them to work towards Ash's goal. Along the way, Ash makes many human and Pokémon friends, such as Charizard, Squirtle, Ivysaur, ...

Metroid: Zero Mission by Nintendo

PART III OF THE NINTENDO CINEMATIC UNIVERSE SYNOPSIS: Space Pirates attack a Galactic Federation-owned space research vessel and seize samples of Metroid creatures. Dangerous floating organisms, Metroids can latch on to any organism and drain its life energy to kill it. The Space Pirates plan to replicate Metroids by exposing them to beta rays and then using them as biological weapons to destroy all living beings that oppose them. While searching for the stolen Metroids, the Galactic Federation locates the Space Pirates' base of operations on the planet Zebes. The Federation assaults the planet, but the Pirates resist, forcing the ...

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword by Nintendo

PART II OF THE NINTENDO CINEMATIC UNIVERSE SYNOPSIS: In the beginning, the three Golden Goddesses created the Triforce, an omnipotent sacred relic that represented their essences and appeared where they departed the realm for the heavens. The Triforce is entrusted to Hylia, protector of the Physical Realm. However, the Demon King Demise gathers an army to take the Triforce away from Hylia. Many are slaughtered so Hylia rescues the remaining humans by sending them into the heavens and creating the Goddess Sword to defeat Demise and bury him under the ground beneath the Earth. She was victorious, but the land ...

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