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Titles Tagged “Based On A Book”

Carol (2005) by Patricia Highsmith and Phyllis Nagy

Carol made 10 years earlier. Plot: An aspiring photographer develops an intimate relationship with an older woman.

David O. Russell's Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

What if David O. Russell directed Watchmen?

Heavier than Heaven: The Nirvana Biopic by Charles R. Cross

A biopic about the life of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain following his life in Washington, fame in Nirvana, his marriage to Courtney Love, and his suicide in 1994.

Fight Club (2009) by Chuck Palahinuk and Jim Uhls

Fight Club made 10 years later

The Masterpiece (2007) by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell

If the upcoming 2016 movie was made 10 years earlier. Plot: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Tommy Wiseau's The Room.

Orlando (2012) by Virginia Woolf and Sally Potter

Orlando made 20 years later

Beasts of No Nation (2005) by Uzodinma Iweala and Cary Joji Fukunaga

Beasts of No Nation made 10 years earlier

The Legend of Tarzan (2006) by Adam Cozad, Craig Brewer, and Edgar Rice Burroughs

If the upcoming 2016 movie was made 10 years earlier

Jaws (Comedy) by Peter Benchley and Steven Spielberg

What if Jaws was remade as a comedy?

The Shining (Comedy) by Stephen King

What if The Shining was remade as a comedy?

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