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Impossible Man (2022) tv series by Marvel Television

Set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Galactus consumes the Planet Poppup. The last of the Poppupians, The Impossible Man escape to earth and settles in Ealing, London (about 10 miles from the Fantastic Fours base in London, The Baxter Building) where he meet with a local school science teacher, Emma Small. They both team up together to fight local threats in Ealing such as The Puppet Master, a Skrull headmaster and Moleman. The show runner will be Russell T Davis and modelled on the Doctor Who spinoff Sarah Jane Adventures.

The Da Vinci Code (1991) by Dan Brown

The Da Vinci Code made 15 years earlier.

Avengers Parody Movie by John Doe

From the producers of Scary Movie, comes a Parody of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Stripperella (Live action Series) by Stan Lee

A Live action adaptation of Stan Lees 2003 animated series Stripperella. This seires focuses on a Stripper, from the Los Angeles Night Club, Tenderloins, called Erotica Jones who secretly takes on the Identity of the Superheroine/ Vigilante Stripperella. Unlike the Animated Series The Live action series will be more Darker.

Injustice 2 by DC Comics

A film adaptation of Injustice 2.

Popular Titles

Room (1985)

If Room was made 30 years earlier.

Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy is a Fifth grade genius always inventing some new gadget to solve some new ...

Welcome to Earth

SYNOPSIS: A satirical science fiction dark comedy-drama about humans and aliens living amongst one another ...

Batman: The Long Halloween

A reboot completely unrelated to the DCEU,using the Long Halloween storyline as its plot.

Going in Style (2027)

Going in Style made 10 years later.


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