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The Simulators by Damian Szifron

The series is based on a group of four partners who are in the business of "simulation", solving the problems and needs of their clients through what they call "operational sham" which usually consist on decieve who generate problems to their clients: they bosses, criminals, wives, widows, unscrupulous traders, etc.. They perform a process based on scientific method, the discover of the problem, presentation of hypotheses, claims and denials, investigations by the parties of both the customer, the part that is the problem, and always looking for the point of conflict. They use their own tactics and methods of law, ...

Flash Gordon: Deifier of Ming by Based on the ''Flash Gordon'' Comic-Strip Created by Alex Raymond. Daniel Williamson (Idea and Initial Storyline)

FLASH GORDON: DEIFIER OF MING is a Graphic-Novel like Sci-fi Fantasy Television Series, based on the FLASH GORDON Comic Strip and is a darker adaptation. The year is 2013. The alien planet Mongo enters the Solar System and goes into orbit around Earth. The arrival of Mongo causes worldwide panic when Mongo's evil ruler, Emperor Ming the Merciless threatens to destroy Earth if the Human Race refuses to accept him as their Master. When their car breaks down, Ex Marine turned Athlete James ''Flash'' Gordon and his Girlfriend Dale Arden stumbles upon the Labotory of Maverick Russian Scientist Dr. Hans ...

jabberjaw (2013) by hanna barbera productions

a nice shark who live in undersea city called new sea city and he meets his friends biff,shelly,bubbles,and clamhead form musical group called neptunes but evil sea pirates are coming take over new sea city but jabberjaw and the gang must save new sea city before too late

Disney's Yellow Submarine by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

The Beatles are spirited away in the eponymous yellow submarine to save Pepperland from the dreaded Blue Meanies. Along the way, the singing saviors encounter a surreal feast for both the eyes and ears: phantasmagorical creatures, outrageous landscapes, and colors that throb and vibrate to each and every Beatle song on the soundtrack. It's a drug-free, hallucinogenic journey for the armchair tripper, the peak of which is undoubtedly (and not surprisingly) the "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" sequence. An incredible film experience at all levels, "Yellow Submarine" manages to capture exquisitely and in visual form the beauty and madness ...

stardogs by zachary andrew clear

a dog-like humanoid aliens from planet dogina had come to earth because planet dogina had been destroy by cat-like humanoid aliens from planet catina called catbons and now stardogs protect earth from evil catbons

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