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The Man in the Iron Mask (remake to the 1977 TV version) by Alexandre Dumas père(novel) and Mike Newell(director of the original film)

The remake to the 1977 TV film starring Richard Chamberlain and Louis Jourdan The story of Louis XIV of France and his attempts to keep his identical twin brother Philippe imprisoned away from sight and knowledge of the public, and Philippe's rescue by the aging Musketeers, led by D'Artagnan.

disney meets DC by walt disney animation & DC comics

when Chernabog, the evil bald mountain demon, decides he wants to conquer other worlds with his army of Disney villains, he has hades open a portal to the DC universe, and once the villains enter, they immediately strike a deal with the secret society; if they can help kill their heroes, they'll handle the justice league, in an epic battle you'll never forget

John Carpenter's Escape from Earth by John Carpenter, Kurt Russell and Debra Hill

After shutting down the electricity on Earth, One-Eyed Ex-Soldier turned legendary outlaw Snake Plissken, with help from former Black Flight Unit member Captain Rick ''Kick-Ass'' Roscoe, Cyrus, leader of the gang ''The Dominators'', Ex Cop Tom Bronson and his beautiful girlfriend Abby. Sets out to rescue former NASA scientist Dr. Daryl Whitlock, the creator of a rumoured EMP proof space vehicle, from Cyrus's rival Lord America, the leader of a violent gang called ''The Lost Americans'' and his finest warrior The Big Bopper and prevent Lord America, his gang and The President of the United States from discovering it's whereabouts ...

Old Man Logan by Mark Millar

50 years into the future, all the world's superheroes have been destroyed by all the world's supervillains. Only Logan, aka Wolverine, lives. A family man and a farmer, the former mutant has to find a way to make cash to pay off the grandchildren of the Hulk, products of incestuous activity between the Hulk and She-Hulk. The journey takes him and Hawkeye across supervillain-dominated sectors where they must confront Clint Barton's now-villainous daughter, older versions of their own arch-enemies, and a heart-stopping showdown between Logan and the Hulk Gang.

48 Hrs. by Walter Hill/Paramount Pictures

Convicted robber Albert Ganz escapes from a chain gang with the help of his partner Billy Bear. They head to San Francisco to recover $500,000 that Ganz was after when he was arrested. Ganz and Billy eventually take the girlfriend of one of their old gang members and hold her hostage. The gang member in question, whose name is Luthor, knows where the money is, and only he can retrieve it. Jack Cates is an alcoholic, chain-smoking San Francisco cop. Jack is assigned to the Ganz case and goes to San Quentin prison to visit Reggie Hammond, Ganz and Billy's ...

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