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Titles Tagged “adventure”

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (2013) by Based on the cartoon created by Jean Chapolin.

A young man leads a team of fighters against mutant plants and sets out to stop them from dominating the galaxy.

Big Hero 6 by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau

What happends when you put boy genuis Hiro Takachiho with no superpowers with a group of young heroes with superpowers from the Japanese government, you get a full of action, danger and teenage love.

Disney's Super Mario Bros. 2 (2013) by Walt Disney's Pictures/Paramount 100 years

Last 15 Years Mario, Luigi, and Daisy on the Case in the museum the dog silver Idol is stolen Team Mario to find some clues. King Koopa is not here anymore Mario's Archenemes Bowser and His son Bowser Jr. in Peach Castle to Bowser Snatch Her in a Bag and out of the castle Team Mario to stop Bowser and Save Princess Peach Before Bowser Shooting the World into Dogsworld

Sonic the Hedgehog (2013) by Based on the Sega video game

A blue hedgehog sets out to foil an evil scientist's plot to take over the world.

Austin Powers: The Beginning by Mike Myers (Characters)

Prequel to the "Austin Powers" films, which sees Austin Powers at the beginning of his career as a secret agent working for the Ministry of Defense" and his first mission, to save the world from Dr. Evil, as he forms the E.V.I.L. organization.

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