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Titles Tagged “adventure”

Green Lantern (1986) by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell

What if Green Lantern was made back in the 80's ?

Bond 23 (2011) by Ian Fleming (Characters), Peter Morgan, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (Screenwriters)

James Bond 007 takes on the Evil Mastermind behind Quantum...

King Kong 2: The Son of Kong by David Fincher

After the disastrous results of his last expedition, Carl Denham leaves New York aboard a ship to escape all the trouble. After a mutiny, he and a few companions are left behind on Skull island, where they meet a smaller relative of King Kong and make friends with him.

The Great Race by Blake Edwards

A remake of the classic comedy by Blake Edwards. Two rival daredevil stuntmen called the Great Leslie and Professor Fate for a long time have had a great rivalry, but there greatest competition comes in the form of a race from New York to Paris. Along the way they face great perils and mishaps as they take part in The Great Race.

Masters of the Universe (1930s) by David Odell

If "Masters of the Universe" were made in the 1930s, who could fill these roles?

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