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Titles Tagged “comedy”

A Haunted House (90s) by Michael Tiddes

A Haunted House Was Made In The 90s

Anchorman The Legends Of Ron Burgondy by Adam McKay

If Anchorman Was Remade With All New Comedians

Superhero Movie (80s) by The Zucker Brothers

If Superhero Movie Was Made Around The Time Of Airplane And The Naked Gun

The Lorax (Live Action 80s) by Chris Renaud & Kyle Balda

If The Lorax Was A Live Action Movie In The 80s

Kelly's Heroes (remake) by Troy Kennedy-Martin

A group of U.S. soldiers led by their CO's sneaks behind enemy lines to steal millions of dollars of gold bullion from the Nazi's during the allies' great offensive!

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Bound by Wild Desire

This a true sequal to Gone with the wind. I'm saying that Scarlett Never happed. ...

The Duke's of Hazzard

A reboot of Duke's of Hazzard. The Duke's boys meat the Hagg's boys. The Hagg ...

La La Land (1956)


La La Land (1986)


Dumb and Dumber (2004)

Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels), two unintelligent men, are best friends ...


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