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The story a group of six teenagers whose parents routinely met every year for a charity event. One year, the kids spy on their parents and learn they are "the Pride", a criminal group of mob bosses, time-travelers, dark wizards, mad scientists, alien invaders and telepathic mutants. The kids steal weapons and resources from their parents, and learn they themselves inherited their parents' powers; Alex Wilder, a prodigy, leads the team while Nico Minoru learns she is a powerful witch, Karolina Dean discovers she is an alien, Gertrude Yorkes learns of her telepathic link to a dinosaur, Chase Stein steals ...

Laurel and Hardy by Stan Laurel

The story of Stan Laurel with Charlie Chaplin went to America in 1912 to meet Oliver Hardy in 1921 to his death on February 23, 1965. Charlie Chaplin missed his friend, Stan Laurel in his graveyard.


The Avengers are instructed to go to Hell's Kitchen to identify and hopefully recruit the mysterious vigilante operating there, they run into trouble but the vigilante, Daredevil, helps them. They offer him the chance, although very respectful and thankful, Daredevil declines, but one of the Avengers, the emotionally unstable Scarlet Witch, takes a great liking into him and through numerous circumstances, the two soon develop a strong bond.

TWAS THE FIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS by John Silver, DreamWorks Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Dean Devlin

A secret organization of hackers and criminals disguise themselves as Santa and his Elves in order to hack into the military's supercomputers and activate drones that are capable of wiping out an entire major city. Meanwhile, a gruff secret agent desperate for retirement after all his years of working with the government tries to reconnect with his family during the holidays. His wife is coping with her youngest daughter's transition into the life of rebellion due to not seeing her father since he enlisted as a secret agent. It isn't until one day while shopping in a mall with his ...

Danny Collins (2005) by Dan Fogelman

Danny Collins made 10 years earlier.

Popular Titles

Through The Wastelands (80s)

If The Invaders was made in the 80s

Suicide Squad (Younger Cast)

Suicide Squad was made with a younger cast

Through The Wastelands (All Grown Up)

If the cast of Through The Wastelands have grown up and became adults.

Alien vs Predator (1994)

What if Alien vs Predator was made in the 90's?


Detective Jim Corrigan solves a murder mystery in New York City, Suddenly, he was brutally ...


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