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Sunset Riders by Konami

Based on the classic video game by Konami The player can play as one of four bounty hunters: Steve and Billy are armed with peacemakers (for faster shots), while Bob and Cormano both use riot guns (for wider shots). In the 2-player version, each player can choose the character they want to control before starting the game, while in the 4-player version the characters are pre-assigned based on the order of the players. The game's controls consist of an eight-way joystick for moving the character and two buttons for shooting and jumping. The player's gun has unlimited ammunition and can ...

Red Dead Revolver by Rockstar Games

The movie takes place in the late 1880s. Nate Harlow and his partner "Griff" have found gold in Bear Mountain. Griff is later captured by the Mexican military and condemned to be shot as a spy. He agrees to give the General, Javier Diego, half of the gold on Bear Mountain if he spares his life. Diego agrees. Later, the General sends Colonel Daren, his right-hand man, to kill Nate Harlow and his family. Daren shoots Nate and his wife, but his son, Red, manages to shoot Daren's arm off and escape. Red grows up to be a bounty hunter. ...

Three Amigos! by Steve Martin and Lorne Michaels and Randy Newman

"The Three Amigos" are bumbling, out-of-work film cowboy stars in 1955. They are invited to a small Mexican town to (they presume) perform their act. However, the townspeople have actually invited the trio to defend them from a terrifying band of outlaws. The townspeople, having seen too many of the Tom Mix-style westerns starring the Three Amigos (and apparently have also been influenced by Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai), expect the trio to save them from the ravages of the local villains. After some misunderstandings, the Three Amigos eventually find themselves trading in their jobs acting as bandit hunters for jobs ...

The Sherriff of Redwood by Matthew Jenner

John "Bullseye" Gilligan is the sherriff of the Texan town of Redwood in 1843. He is only 35, and was mentored by a former sherriff, "Loner" Welles, a 76 year old resident. When a dangerous outlaw, Clinton the Gravedigger invades Redwood and shoots Welles, Bullseye, Morris "The Gentleman" Brown (A charismatic gambler), Rusting McDaniel (An 80 year old resident who has an acute knowledge of guns) and "Doctor" Cox (The town doctor) set out to find and destroy The Gravedigger and his Gang.

The Man from Button Willow by David Detige

In 1869, Justin Eagles lives on his ranch called ''The Eagle's Nest'' near the town of Button Willow, California. In addition to being a Rancher, Justin is a trouble-shooter for the U.S. Government which calls him to act as a undercover operative and thwart the forces of evil in the rapidly-growing west. He is sent to San Fransico to find missing US Senator Freeman, who has disappeared while fighting the efforts of Montgomery Blaine, a villian who has been, with the aid of his henchmen ''The Whip'', forcing settlers to sell their land to him, not knowing that the land ...

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