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Doomed Queen Anne by Carolyn Meyer

Anne Boleyn was born without great beauty, wealth, or title, but she's blossomed into a captivating young woman-and she knows it. Determined to rise to the top, she uses her wiles to win the heart of England's most powerful man, King Henry VIII. Not satisfield with the king's heart, however, she persuades Henry to defy everyone-including his own wife-to make her his new queen.

The Flintstones by Matthew Jenner

The adventures of caveman Fred Flintstone in the Stone Age town of Bedrock.

Hercules by Matthew Jenner

A live-action adaptation of the classic Disney film, Hercules. Shot is capture motion CGI (Polar Express, Beowulf)

Jack the Ripper by Matthew Jenner

London, 19th Century. 4 women have been killed by a mysterious man. A detective rounds up a likely suspect, Dr. Daniel Jenkins, a surgeon. But is he really the killer, or is someone else? The detective investigates other suspects, and the ending is a real shock!

The Coffin Quilt by Ann Rinaldi

This is a YA novel about the infamous Hatfield-McCoy feud, told from the point of view of Fanny McCoy, the youngest of the McCoy clan.

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