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The Challenge for the Seven Golden Blades by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

THE CHALLENGE FOR THE SEVEN GOLDEN BLADES is a Epic Kung-Fu Fantasy TV Movie. A Master Swordsman with no name, known only as ''The Challenger'' is summoned to The Gold Dragon Temple, by Ming Henan, Master of the ''Dragon Claw'', a deadly style of Kung-Fu. Master Henan sends The Challenger, to retrieve ''The Seven Golden Blades'', Seven powerful artifacts (Throwing Darts), that have been stolen by Lo-Fang, leader of a group of renegade fighters called ''Sons of the Spider'', who are known, for carrying a red box, containing a lethal poisonous smoke, which they use as a weapon against those ...

The Mighty Thor by Stan Lee,Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby

Partially disabled medical student ,Donald Blake founds a disguised hammer and becomes the Thunder God Thor by request of Thor's father Odin.

Lost In Austen II: Sam & Sensibility by J.D. Taylor - Based on the concept by Guy Andrews

Samantha Freeman is a seventeen year-old school girl from Salford, Manchester. Because she is failing in the subject of English Literature, her mum forces her to attend a book club. The first thing she is talked into reading is 'Sense & Sensibilty'. That night, she hears a noise in her bedroom and tries to switch on her bedside lamp, but finds a candle that has been blown out. Then, she feels around and finds her copy of 'Sense & Sensibility', and discovers that she reached the point in the book where the Dashwood women have spent their first night in ...

Lost In Austen I: Price And Prejudice by Guy Andrews & Jane Austen - Sub-Title & New Characters By J.D. Taylor

Amanda Price, a twenty-first century young woman, is having problems with her boyfriend. To escape the realism of love, she reads 'Pride & Prejudice'. One night, she fears she is having a mental episode, when she finds Elisabeth Bennet, the heroine of the book she has immersed herself in, in her bathroom. The next evening, she sees Elisabeth again, who then shows her a portal from Miss Bennet's world into Miss Price's. Intrigued, Amanda goes through it, but then becomes trapped in these surroundings, leaving Elisabeth trapped in the real world. Amanda's presence starts to upset the equilibrium of the ...

Scooby-Doo : Regeneration by William Hanna & Joseph Barbara

After years of unmasking fake ghosts, Scooby and the gang go searching for real ghosts. Their search takes them to Zombie Island, which gives them a lot more than they ever expected. The gang finds themselves caught between a sect of vicious cat creatures and a horde of zombies lead by the ghost of Moonscar the Pirate.

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