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Sesame Street: Live Action by Jim Henson & Children's Television Workshop

Everyone's favorite muppets from the Classic TV show from the late 1960's to today come to life in 3-D

Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Gene Roddenberry (television series ''Star Trek''), Harold Livingston.

Admiral James T. Kirk is called upon to take command of the U.S.S Enterprise for the first time since the TV Series ended. A strange alien craft is heading towards Earth, destroying everything in it's path. Kirk rounds up the rest of his old crew, and recquires a few new members, and sets off to intercept the alien spacecraft...

Burn Zombie Burn ! by Doublesix

Living in small town America, Bruce works hard for a living and was hoping for a nice quiet weekend with his girl, Daisy. But when zombies invade and ruin his weekend. He intends to get medieval on their collective asses. Just as well he has that warehouse full lot of homemade zombie-bashing equipment.

The Legend of Drizzt Book 3 Sojourn by R. A. Salvatore

Book 3 of the Drizzt series showing his beginnings on the surface and the meeting of his greatest friends and foes

The Legend of Drizzt Book 2 Exile by R. A. Salvatore

The second book in the Drizzt series following his travels through the Underdark.

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The Dark Knight Returns (1965)

What if The Dark Knight Returns was made 1965?

Star Wars: Droids

A Star Wars Spinoff Starting C-3PO And R2-D2


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