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Ridley Hellman Rides Back into Bridgeville by Daniel Williamson (Storyline), Based on the Screenplay ''Streets of Fire'' by Larry Gross and Walter Hill.

RIDLEY HELLMAN RIDES BACK INTO BRIDGEVILLE is a TV Movie which is a remake of STREETS OF FIRE. Riding back into her hometown, ''Bridgeville'', a town beside the river. Female bounty hunter Ridley Hellman goes to visit her brother Rick who works as a barman at the local ''Red Sun'' saloon. Ridley learns from Rick that Ridley's childhood friend saloon dancer Andrea McGowan has been kidnapped by outlaw leader Buford McCoy and his gang, whilst Andrea was entertaining the customers. Hired by the saloon owner Ben Beaumont and joined by hired gun Jimmy Hill and with local lawmen Chief Marshal ...

Border's Daughters by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

BORDER'S DAUGHTERS is a TV Movie. After their father, lawman Sheriff Boyd Borders is murdered by the outlaw Walter Chase in the town ''Remingtonville'', after he hanged the outlaw's brothers Jaycee and Michael for a bank robbery where they killed a innocent woman and her daughter in cold blood. The murdered lawman's 4 daughters Sam, Layla, Tara and Annabeth are raised by gunfighter Lewis Bowie and they live with Bowie in the American Badlands and Bowie teaches the 4 sisters to be gunfighters. 20 Years Later, Sam, Layla, Tara and Annabeth, now beautiful gunslingers return to ''Remingtonville'' after living and ...

Chase Across The Badlands by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

CHASE ACROSS THE BADLANDS is a TV Movie. It is the 1800's. After they murder a bounty hunter called Morsman Hollister who went to capture them and collect the bounty on their heads. Outlaws Ned Winchester, his cousin Jeremy Chiles and their associates Christian Kirby, Billy Booth and Scott Winbush find themselves pursued by a lone gunman called Chase who is the murdered bounty hunter's twin brother. Learning Chase is out to get his revenge on them for the death of his brother, the 5 outlaws are relentlessly pursed across the American badlands, but along the way the outlaws steal ...

A Woman Called Blade by Based on Characters created by Sergio Martino and Sauro Scavolini. Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

A WOMAN CALLED BLADE is a TV Movie which is a sequel and also a remake of the 1977 Film MANNAJA: A MAN CALLED BLADE. After subdueing outlaw Ry Pinkerton and wounding him with her cavalry sword, which she often uses instead of a gun in a fight. A beautiful female bounty hunter called Blade arrives in the mining town ''Algren'' to collect the reward on Pinkerton's head. Blade is soon hired by the town's mayor, retired confederate officer Xander Wincott to track down his daughter Kelly who has gone missing. Blade learns Kelly has been kidnapped by Wincott's corrupt ...

The Firestarter by Based on the Screenplay ''High Plains Drifter'' by Ernest Tidyman. Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

THE FIRESTARTER is a TV Movie which is a remake of HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER. A mysterious stranger without a name called The Firestarter rides out of the desert wilderness and arrives in the desert town ''Devlin''. At the local saloon, The Firestarter kills gambler Scott Barnes in self-defence with a whisky bomb, when Barnes tries to kill The Firestarter, when The Firestarter wins in a card game. The Firestarter draws the attention of local lawman Sheriff Billy Armstrong and the town's Mayor Colin Garrett who decide to hire The Firestarter to help with a problem. The Firestarter learns from the ...

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