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SATAN by None

The evil of Satan

Simon Inglis's Football Odyssey by Daniel Williamson (Idea), Simon Inglis

SIMON INGLIS'S FOOTBALL ODYSSEY is a 6-part British documentary series presented by Author, radio broadcaster and historian Simon Inglis who is the series editor of the internet website and the book series PLAYED IN BRITAIN. In each episode, Simon visits football studiums across Britain, orginisations, as he does some research on the architecure of British history, Uncovers artifacts of British sport, samples some of the finest British sports art and all the connections to Britian's heritage and along the way interviews football fans and philosphers...

Einstein by Walter Isaacson

The live and times of the genius Albert Einstein.

Mr. S : Life with Frank Sinatra by George Jacobs

As the right hand of Frank Sinatra from 1953 to 1968, George Jacobs is taken on a turbulent odyssey of highs and lows among some of the most notable figures of the twentieth century.

Universal Monsters by None

The story of the making of the Universal Monsters!!!

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