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Samurai Showdown by SNK

In the late 18th Century,a group of warrior united to defeated an evil demon to rule all japan.

Art Of Fighting by SNK

Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia are two former students of their master and Ryo's father Takuma Sakazaki to rescue Yuri,Ryo's Sister and Robert's girlfriend from mob boss Mr. Big.

Fatal Fury by SNK

Terry Bogard and his younger brother Andy must revenge the death of their father from his old rival Geese Howard in the battle of good and evil.

SoulCalibur by Namco

In a land of war and honor, a handful of warriors from different lands come together to find two different swords:The Souledge use by evil and The Soulcalibur use by good. Some wants to use the soulcalibur to destroy to the souledge, others wants to use the souledge to rule the world.

TOP CAT by Hanna-Barbera

A reimagination of the animated cult series, Top Cat tells the story of Top Cat, an italo-american cat living life on the edge...

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