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How To Escape From Office Space? by Wes Anderson

What if Wes Anderson directed his own Office Space film? In 1999, AnderTech, A typical mid-to-late-1990s software company. Most of workers are exciting to leave the company because they all got vacation but their boss accidentally lost the key to open the door and they are trapped in the Office Space. They must find a way to escape from Office Space before their vacation is over The Workers Mark Green- A Workaholic programmer who love his job so much but cause his marriage falls apart. He make a promise to his wife that he will spent vacation with her but …

Wes Anderson's Les Miserables by Tom Hooper

What if Wes Anderson directed Les Miserables?

Rushmore (2013) by Wes Anderson

What if Wes Anderson's 1998 breakout hit was made in 2013?

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