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Titles Tagged “thriller”

ANCIENT FUTURES by Tristan Hartup

(Based on pieces of artwork that I made on DeviantArt) In the year 2124, the captain and crew of the USSF starship Evermore find themselves encountering a mysterious cosmic phenomenon in deep space that consumes them and then strands them back on Earth… 200 years in the past. Whilst the rest of the crew struggles to assess their current situation and repair the ship, young rookie cadet, Jake Phelps, after realising that he and the crew are stranded in early 20th century Egypt and being a massive history buff with an old soul, decides to defy orders and sets out …

Damien Chazelle's Tenet by Christopher Nolan

What if Damien Chazelle directed Tenet?

David O. Russell’s Tenet by Christopher Nolan

What if David O. Russell directed Tenet?

David Fincher’s Tenet by Christopher Nolan

If Tenet was directed by David Fincher

Feeling Scared by Skeeter Hurd

A Japanese American young woman discovers deadly recordings of her parents in order to learns things about her past that forces her to change her life for good. PITCH: It’s like White Noise meets Frequency meets The Strangers. CHARACTER LIST: Sara Kobayashi - She is a college student. Christine Kobayashi - She is Sara’s mother. Jeff Kobayashi - He is Sara’s father. Mikayla Kobayashi - She is Sara’s younger sister. Cole Jameson - He is Sara’s boyfriend. Ted Milton - He is a psychic who helps Sara. Officer Kennedy - He is a police officer. Detective Blake - She is …

Paul Thomas Anderson’s Tenet by Christopher Nolan

Tenet directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Denis Villeneuve’s Tenet by Christopher Nolan

What if Tenet directed by Denis Villeneuve?

The Coen Brothers’ Tenet by Christopher Nolan

If Tenet directed by The Coen Brothers

Sam Mendes' Tenet by Christopher Nolan

What if Sam Mendes directed Tenet?

Quentin Tarantino’s Tenet by Christopher Nolan

Tenet directed by Quentin Tarantino

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After nearly two decades, Imagine Casting will be shutting down on 10/31/2022.

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