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The Invaders by Eric Heisserer

Seven teenagers discover a pill that can turn into alien life form superheroes. MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic material, sci-fi action violence, sexuality, language and teen drinking

SKY HAWK by Vincent Garcia

Take place between 1864 and 1947, A young American explorer washed up on a mystical island after his ship was destroyed by Chimera Pirates. He was founded by a mystical tribe called "Sky Warriors" and they take a good care of him. The Tribes' leader say he has been searching for him and the explorer was chosen to be Sky Hawk. They give him a portion that permanently make him immortal and train him to become a better fighter. 83 years later, the explorer is now a rich man and befriends a young Harold Craven. He found about Chimera and ...

San Andreas (2025) by Warner Bros. Pictures / New Line Cinema / Village Roadshow Pictures

If San Andreas was made 10 years later.


Alice, after losing Zack Ventress/The Sentinel, beloved friend and leader of the Power Crew, she decides to retire to focus on rebuilding her kingdom after a long duration of building trust between the Storm Angels and Power Crew. News has broken out from the kingdom that King Matthias is suffering from a terminal illness and has no other noble man to replace him. Alice catches a dark green portal in the distance and makes the decision to explore what lies on the other side. A new world surfaces when Alice realizes a group of spirits bent on altering the psychology ...

DARK CHASERS: THE TRIBUS COLLECTORS by Tristan Hartup and Vincent Garcia

Mathilda Aylmer is adapting well to her position among the ancient clan of monster hunters known as the Dark Chasers as well as her being an official member of the Power Crew, though she feels like she can't escape her predetermined dark destiny that she tries desperately to disregard, and there has been no monster activity ever since the war between the Malekyths and the Aeyons had ended. But Mathilda is then approach by eccentric billionaire entrepreneur Raphael Tribus, who was a former Dark Chaser until he was excommunicated due to conflicting ideologies, he tells her that he believes that ...

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