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Operation: Dimensions by My 3 Spy Sisters by vin13ish and Operation: Siblings by John Silver

The Paxton Siblings team up with their alternate counterpart, The Thomas Siblings to stop evil genius from destroying the dimensions The Paxton Siblings Doug Paxton- The younger and only brother who happens to be clumsy and stupid who scream like little girl Anne Paxton- The older sister of Doug who is leader of the Paxton Sisters and she wanted Doug to be spy like them so she can spend time with him more Scarlett Paxton- The older sister of Doug who often tease Doug a lot because his mistake but respect him as her brother. She resemble Riley McDonald from ...

Interstellar (2024) by Christopher Nolan

Interstellar made 10 years later.

A Dangerous Vacation by Sony / Columbia Pictures

A family goes on vacation to try to escape their troubled lives. They arrive in a mysterious but beautiful city in the middle of nowhere, where absolutely everyone seems to be nice people. But the family didn't know that during the night, the people reveal their true nature, they are evil robots under their human skin. Now the family needs to escape from this city as soon as possible, before the robots finds them and kills them. This will be a Sci-fi comedy, with light humor, fun action sequences and some emotional scenes. INSPIRATIONS: The World's End, Terminator and Itchy ...

Inception (2020) by Christopher Nolan

What if Inception was made 10 years later?

BARK AND BITE by John Silver, Sony Pictures Animation

Jacob and Ollie are two brothers who are bonded like peanut butter and jelly. Jacob is the older brother who is looking to play college football while Ollie is more of the soccer type athlete. Despite some of their differences, the two brothers get along really well. But one night, while getting ready to leave for college, a nefarious individual disguised as a delivery man appears and transforms Jacob into a dog, while obtaining humanoid like features. Ollie enters the scene and it is too late for him to escape - the "Delivery Man" transforms him into a humanoid cat. ...

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The Monuments Men (2024)

The Monuments Men made 10 years later.

Hogan's Heroes

Based on the Television show from the 60's.

Dead Heat

SYNOPSIS: A remake of the cult action comedy horror film Dead Heat. Crime is at ...


An animated sci-fi comedy about Harold, a neurotic 20-something who goes on time travel adventures ...


A sitcom created by and starring Patton Oswald as himself. The show follows Patton and ...


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