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The Hyperion Cantos [TV Series] by Dan Simmons

The Hyperion Cantos is a series of science fiction novels by Dan Simmons. The title was originally used for the collection of the first pair of books in the series, Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion, and later came to refer to the overall storyline, including Endymion, The Rise of Endymion, and a number of short stories. Imagine a cast for a TV series developed for Sy-Fy.

Rampage(80s) by Brad Peyton

what if Rampage came out in the 80s.

Star Trek: Armageddon (Original Crew verison) by Gene Roddenberry

James T. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise-A are recruited by NASA to stop a comet from destroying Earth

Star Trek: Armageddon by Gene Roddenberry

Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise-E are recuited by NASA to stop a comet from destroying Earth.

Justice League: The Force Awakens by Zack Snyder and JJ Abrams

The First Order invades Earth and only the Justice League can stop them.

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what if the new Amy Schumer film was release in the 80s.

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