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MODELS AND VAMPIRES by Vincent Garcia and John Silver

A personal assistant to a stuck-up but super hot model falls prey to a secret society of model vampires originated from dark magic in the past. It is up to the personal assistant to stop the darkness from overflowing in the modeling and entertainment world. Inspiration: Fright Night Remake and Amateur Night segment from V/H/S Main Characters Tim Mackie- A nervous personal assistant to a super hot model who must protect her from model vampires. He tease them about if they have a crush on Edward from Twilight and he will be happy to kill entire model vampires and dream ...

Baby Driver (All-British Cast) by Edgar Wright

Imagine if baby drivor was acted by only british actors?

GRAY MATTER by John Silver

A happily married couple's relationship is tested when only one of them is given a ticket to live on the Moon for eternity. The wife suffers from a terminally ill disease and would love to see the Moon one last time while the husband wants to spend his last moments with his wife and head to the Moon in hopes of finding a secret to immortality. However, as the Earth begins to fall apart due to lack of environmental resources and care for the planet, the wife is forced to travel on the spaceship, leaving her husband behind and discovers ...

A MERRY HOLIDAY by John Silver

A revision of one of my old titles from 2015 - A Merry Holiday. -- PLOT: A series of stories set in a late Thanksgiving to Christmas holiday in New York City include: Friendship, Love, Trust, and Forgiveness - all told from various perspectives that connect together in the end. MPAA: Rated PG-13 for thematic elements including sexual content and crude humor, brief strong language, some violence, and partying. -- STORY 1: Friendship - Sam Boswell, a college graduate who struggles with finding a new companion after college bonds with his long-lost sister with flaws of her own in the ...

Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets (2007) by Luc Besson

Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets made 10 years earlier

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