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The Roommate (1991) by Screen Gems

The Roommate made 20 years earlier

The Roommate (2001) by Screen Gems

What if The Roommate was made 10 years earlier?

Detective Pikachu (Video Game) (2018) by Nintendo

After Tim and Pikachu's initial meeting, the two begin to chase two Aipom, one with ketchup on its hand and the other white paint, who were causing trouble by harassing citizens and stealing jewelry. The two chase them to a fountain, where they find the ketchup-handed Aipom lying on the ground with a black feather lying next to it. After trying to compare the black feather with the feathers of several Pokémon and talking to other people and Pokémon, they find that the feather belongs to a Murkrow, and confront the Murkrow. After talking to several other Burmy and Wormadam, ...

The Perfect Murder by Skeeter Hurd

A young man with autism discovers a murder of an aspiring model. CHARACTER LIST: Chad Hutt - He is a young man with autism who becomes a detective. Dorothy Haggett - She is Dallas' daughter and Chad's love interest. Dallas Haggett - He is Dallas' father. Spyder Rain - She is a thief. Artie Knox - He is a photographer who is accused of killing Pauline. Li Mei - She is an Chinese American young woman who aspirations of becoming a writer. Pauline Grayson - She is an aspiring model. MPAA Rating; R for violence, bloody images, pervasive language, drug ...

Clue (1965) by John Landis

What if the movie Clue was made 20 years earlier?

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God Of War

Many years have passed since Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods, destroying the ...

I Feel Pretty(80s)

what if the new Amy Schumer film was release in the 80s.

Cat People

what if the Horror film was release today.

The Fantastic Team

Maleficent has returned with all her powers of hell along with her subjects of darkness, ...

DC/ Marvel Alliance

A cross-over film between the DC film universe and the Marvel Comics film universe.


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