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Richard Linklater's Gone Girl by David Fincher

What if Richard Linklater directed Gone Girl?

Christopher Nolan's Gone Girl by David Fincher

What if Christopher Nolan directed Gone Girl?


Part two of my Unite trilogy. As the group try to continue their mission and struggle to survive, they begin following a series a cryptic messages that eventually lead into the presence of an underground resistance comprising of all the minority nations inferior to the nations under Unite, where they are informed of the shocking secrets of the history of the War and of Unite. But the members of Unite have been monitoring their progress and decide that to keep the organisation from being destroyed, their must eradicate their own children and the resistance. MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for intense ...

MR. VISION by 20th Century Fox

A strange man claimed to have a future vision of everyone he meets but a detective doesn't believe him and try to figure out whether he have a future vision or not I want you to make a theory about Mr. Vision's origin. Who is Mr. Vision? Main Character Mr. Vision- A strange man who have a future vision of everyone he meets. He lack any emotion and doesn't have a family or a name Jeff Levin- A private detective who doesn't believe about Mr. Vision and think he is a con artist who fooled everyone with his "vision" Hayley ...

THE MAN IN THE BLACK SUIT AND MASK by Tristan Hartup, suggested by vin13ish

In 1966, hot headed American private detective Jack Stanley is on the hunt for a mysterious master thief dressed in a black suit and mask who has the ability to change his face into anyone, Stanley eventually ends up seeking the help of sarcastic alcoholic retired British thief Artemis Corrington. MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence including some grisly images, and language. (Note: The Man In The Black Suit And Mask has numerous disguises which are played by very well known actors, his real identity is played by a major American actor.)

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