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The Shift by Skeeter Hurd

A convenience store worker takes the law on his hands after his girlfriend is sexually assaulted by gang members. It's like Clerks meets Death Wish. CHARACTER LIST: Dan - He is a convenience store worker by day, vigilante by night. Carly - She is Dan's girlfriend. Mookie - He is Dan's friend and sidekick. Leah - She is a prostitute. Kris - He is Dan's co-worker. Dee - She is Dan's sister. Ray - He is an vulgar pot smoking zealot. Jaz - She is a young woman who is deaf-mute. Zack - He is Zoe's twin brother. Zoe - ...

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET by Wes Craven, Tristan Hartup and Giovanni Garcia

A reboot of the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise, set in the Slasherverse. April 1986, a group of scientists including a few teenage interns are studying the realms and ramifications what sleeping and dreams can have on the human mind and body, their research leads them to Springwood, Ohio after learning about reports of young people in the town have started dying in their sleep. They set up on Elm Street where they interview the children and the teenagers who all say that every night they have dreams where they're hunted by a burnt man wearing a clawed glove. As ...

Agent Cody Banks (2013) by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

If Agent Cody Banks was made 10 years later

Who Framed Roger Rabbit by Disney and Annapurna Pictures

In 1985, James Angus Doom, the grandson of Judge Doom, is the happiest 35-year-old man who loves Toontown and he's making the Cartoonland the Gigantic City in the World to call him, "The Luckiest Guy On Earth" and he hates his greedy, hatred, and nasty brother, Arthur John Doom. In 30 years later, in 2015, the Valiant brothers are survived to see Roger Rabbit, Baby Herman, and Jessica Rabbit in Hollywood, California. Gus Doom lives in the house of San Francisco, California.

Star Trek (new reboot) by Paramount Pictures/Gene Roddenberry

If Star Trek had a new reboot

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Across The Universe (2017)

If Across The Universe was made 10 years earlier

Everything Everything (1997)

If Everything Everything was made 20 years earlier


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