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Monster Mash! (Dark Universe) by Universal Pictures

After Tom Cruise's The Mummy bombed, everyone at Universal is like "Fuck it, Let's do this man! Let's have them all fight!"

Stranger Things (1990's) by The Duffer Brothers

If Stranger Things was made in the 90's


Gerald Weathers is a mild-mannered, middle-aged, depressed clown who takes pleasure in entertaining children and comforting the depressed to cope with his life; by night, however - he is constantly visited by shadow people who stalk him in his sleep and send cryptic messages of a major threat arriving to collect his soul in 72 hours. The entity has taken Gerald's family's souls years ago due to his bad habits with crime and terrorism, and makes a deal with him just as he's about to collect the man's soul - find the four scars of Destiny, and the entity will ...

A Nightmare on Elm Street (SNL Cast) by Lorne Michaels

Cast SNL Members in A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Sympathy For Ms. Vengeance by Park Chan-Wook

A 30-something woman who was wrongfully convicted of murdering a schoolgirl gets revenge on those wronged her. CHARACTER LIST: Becky Lund - She is a 30 something woman who is wrongfully convicted of murder. Jeff Lumley - He is a preacher. Lainey Lund - She is Becky's adoptive daughter. Peter Kane - He is a teacher who frames Becky for murder.

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Muppets in Space (1999)

An alien empire has found Gonzo’s appearance on Earth, They bring him and The Muppets ...

Eyes of Katrina (SNL)

What if the cast of Eyes of Katrina were SNL cast members?

The Lost World (90's)

What if Hollywood try to compete Jurassic Park in the early 90's with another dinosaur-movie ...

Justice League/Avengers: The Force Awakens

The Justice League and Avengers team up to stop Kylo Ren and the First Order ...

Rise of the Guardians (Part 2)

This is the sequel to "Rise of the Guardians" What would it be like in ...


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