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Swiss Army Man (1980s) by Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert

If Swiss Army Man was made in the 1980s.

DBZ Trilogy by Akira Toryiama

A Trilogy of live action Dragon Ball Z films. Film 1-Sayian Saga, Frieza Saga and Cell saga.

DJ, FRAG OUT! by John Silver

Name: Travis Halbrook Alias: DJ Fragout Age: Early to mid 30's. Traits: Cocky, charming, straight-to-the-point, tall, lean, and easy-going. (Think of Paul Walker mixed with Calvin Harris and Deadmau5.) Backstory: Born and raised in Detroit until the age of 12, Travis relocated to California where he was discovered by a veteran rapper who took interest in Travis's taste for music. He mentored and trained him throughout his years in school until his untimely death, where Travis took the reign as a well-known musician who eventually started a fanbase and got popular on the radio. However, at the age of 25 ...

LONE WOLF: OPERATION RESET by John Silver and Vincent Garcia

Entry 1 of a new Lone Wolf trilogy for the fans on IC which will focus around the same characters in the series along with Vincent Garcia's Payton-Marcus universe. Keep in mind that all these events take place after Lone Wolves: Final Ground and the events of Payton-Marcus: The Birth of Anon are completely altered due to Black Wolf/Sean Hawkins resetting the timeline by going back in time to stop the Soul Killer. -- 2078, the world where extermination was the only option. The Lone Wolves have changed for the worse, and only one can remember all the events that ...

THE ARTIST by John Silver

A college-aged woman with a remarkable talent to design pictures from her mind and create blank canvases to masterpieces has been given a mysterious gift from a very young age following a horrific accident that damaged her brain. When her neurological wires are repaired (most of the critical ones) she discovers her vision has changed drastically from seeing a typical mundane hospital to a different version of the hospital with Christmas lights and humans with animal heads and lizard like bodies. At first, she is petrified by the changes within her life, but begins to adjust to these circumstances and ...

Popular Titles

The Revenant (1940s)

If The Revenant was made in the 1940s.

The Gift (1990s)

If The Gift was made in the 1990s.


(A crossover between Storm Angel and Time Jumper. Set in between the events of Temporal ...

12 Years a Slave (1993)

If 12 Years a Slave was made 20 years earlier.

Despicable Me 2(2003)

Despicable Me 2 if it came out 14 years ago


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