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Fell by Skeeter Hurd

A story of seven people with addiction and mental illness. CHARACTER LIST: Aaron - He is a drug addict. Kelsey - She is a young woman who found out she was HIV positive. Jack - He is an alcoholic professor. Leah - She is an young college students who is addicted to painkillers. Krystal - She is a young woman who is suicidal and has a penchant for self harm. Max - He is a introverted socially awkward high school student who struggles with depression. Shauna - She is an aspiring model who struggles with her weight. MPAA Rating: R ...

Everything that Glitters is Not Gold by Dan Seals/Paramount Pictures

David Wheatstone has an estranged wife Lacey Sanderson popular on the national livestock rodeo circuit. He is left alone to raise their daughter Casey. He and Casey compete at various rodeo competitions. Throughout their travels, David mentions Casey's constant curiosity about her mother. David falls short of answers Casey can understand, especially since his wife does not keep in contact with them. Despite the estrangement, he still loves his wife and nurses a hope that one day they will reunite. Character List David Wheatstone-A 37 year old struggling rodeo performer Lacey Sanderson- David's estranged wife who is in her early ...

Hopeless by Skeeter Hurd, Disney

A young boy discover he has an imaginary friend. MPAA Rating: PG for intense fantasy action, language, thematic material and some rude humor

The Poet King by Skeeter Hurd

A story of a poet's downward spiral of addiction to drugs. CHARACTER LIST: Will - He is drug addicted poet. Lester - He is Will's gay mentor. Tess - She is Will's wife. Kate - She is Will and Tess' daughter. Julie - She is Will and Tess' daughter. Fred - He is Lester's gay lover. Jack - He is Will's best friend. Paul - He is Will's best friend. Betty - She is Will's attractive neighbor. Ellie - She is a young stripper who is attracted to Lester. MPAA: R for pervasive substance abuse and language, sexuality, nudity and ...

American Gigolo by Paul Schrader

what if the Richard Gere classic was release today

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The Facts of Life

what if the classic sitcom was Premiered today.

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If JJ Abrams directed Pineapple Express

Touched by an Angel

what if Touched by an Angel was remade into a Movie, from Purefix(the company behind ...


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