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Titles Tagged “drama”

Cruising by William Friedkin

What if Cruising was made today

Network by Sidney Lumet

If Network came out today

Serpico by Sidney Lumet

What if Serpico was made today

Child of a Lesser God by Randa Haines

what if the 1986 film came out today

Clue (2018) by Paramount Pictures

A remake of the 1985 film

Popular Titles

The Faculty (2018)

The Faculty made 20 years later. Plot: Students suspect that their teachers are aliens after ...

Let Me In

Let Me In if it came out today


If the video game was a movie

The Boxer

Loosely based on the lyrics of "The Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkel. Follows a year ...

Tomb Raider(2008)

10 years ago


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