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Titles Tagged “Superhero”

The Death of Superman (1994) by Richard Donner and Mario Puzo

Christopher Reeve returns as Superman in his final battle with his ultimate nemesis Doomsday, A Kryptonian monster evolved from thousands of Kryptonian babies sent by Lex Luthor to destroy Superman once and for all!

Ghost Rider (1987) by Marvel

What if Ghost Rider was made in the 80's?

Family Ties by Skeeter Hurd

A story of a family who go through ups and downs in 1970s Texas. CHARACTER LIST: Jeff Ramirez - Kaleb, Nick and Krystal's dad. Linda Ramirez - Kaleb, Nick and Krystal's mom. Kaleb Ramirez - Nick and Krystal's older brother who has children named Quinn. Nick Ramirez - He is Kaleb and Krystal's brother who is autistic and has two daughters Riley and Louisa. Krystal Ramirez - She is Kaleb and Krystal's sister who has triplets Jaxon, Jayden and Jayla. Quinn - Kaleb's daughter.

Dragon Ball Z Movies (1980s) by Akira Toriyama

What if Dragon Ball Z was made into a live-action movie series in the 1980's?

We Are Villains by Skeeter Hurd

The story of a team full of supervillains. MPAA: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi and fantasy violence, gunplay and action throughout (Second part of the Invaders spin-off franchise.)

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The LEGO Invaders Movie

If The Invaders was made into a LEGO Movie MPAA Rating: PG for crude humor, ...

10 to Midnight

a Remake of the 1983 Action film with Charles Bronson

Infinity War (Anime Version)

All of Anime's Greatest Heroes team up together for the first time ever!

The New Guy

If The New Guy was remade

Die Bad

Star crossed lovers find themselves on the run as they're caught by drug dealers. It's ...


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