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The X-Men:Salvation by Marc Webb

An altrenate story and cast of X-men by Marc Webb.

The X-Men:Salvation by Marc Webb

An altrenate story and cast of X-men by Marc Webb.

FANTASTIC FOUR (Based on characters from Marvel) by John Silver, Giovanni Garcia, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Netflix

Back into the Marvel Rebirth franchise (Volume 2) this time collaborating with ThatNerd789 with a few other reimaginings of different superheroes. My take on the Fantastic Four story... -- PLOT: A team of four are assigned by a high-ranking government official to investigate a distress signal from an abandoned space station only to find an enchanting but uber-powerful particle that takes in the team and their fates are left unknown. A few months later, the team is found unhurt but mysteriously changed. The leader Dr. Reed Richards has the ability to extend all muscles to a certain shape or form ...

THE UNCANNY X-MEN (Based on characters from Marvel) by Giovanni Garcia, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Marvel, and, John Silver

My entry for Volume 2 of the Marvel Rebirth Franchise; my take on X-Men, ignoring the Fox Universe and going down a more grounded, character developing route. Mutants are as of yet unknown to the world at large. Professor Xavier however is once such mutant with the ability to communicate telepathically with others. This aspiring idealist wants to ready the world for the eventual reveal of Mutants and promote peaceful co existence. For this very purpose, he has trained and educated five gifted youngsters he calls the X-Men to be the poster children and foremost representatives of Mutantkind and what ...

The Avengers and Goku vs Raditz, Vegeta, and Nappa by Marvel and DBZ

In this Marvel/ Dragon ball crossover, Raditz comes to planet Earth to find that his brother Kakarot has failed to carry out his mission. Although he has help from his usual arch nemesis Piccolo, he needs more heroes to back him up. So he flies out to America and gets help from the Avengers. They team up and fight to save the world.

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