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Music and Coffee by Showtime

The series centers around Lucas and Stevie Hopson, a musician couple that try to pursue their music career and raising their adoptive-7-year-old daughter Hazel. Rated TV-MA-L-S(adult language, adult content, sexuality) Characters: Lucas Hopson, a determined aspiring musician and Stevie's husband and Hazel's father who has anxiety Stevie Hopson, a loyal, but witty and feisty aspiring musician who is Lucas' wife and Hazel's mother Hazel Hopson, an African-American 7-year-old girl who is Lucas and Stevie's adoptive daughter

Nolan in Houston by Kyle Cooke

This was before the events of the Mike Nolan action film saga began.

Fantastic Four (MCU Netflix) by Stan Lee/Netflix

A Netflix series for Fantastic Four, with younger people portraying the characters and when Invisible Woman was Invisible Girl, back before her name was changed.

Walker, Texas Ranger by CBS

A reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger in which Cordell Walker Jr., son of the original Cordell Walker, and his sister, Angela are following in their father's footsteps.

Ten In New York (tv series) by Kyle Cooke/Netflix

PLOT: The series takes place in New York, when college freshman, Jake Abbott moves into an apartment in New York City, a place he always wanted to have after high school, and he has a dead end job at a grocery store. Five days later he first moved in, his widower father, Harold, his also widowed grandfather, Stephen, and his older sister, Audrey move in with him for a while, because their house back in Maine was foreclosed. A little while after that, more people join them, former college track star, Amy Ludlow(who sort of takes an interest in Jake, ...

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Muppets in Space (1999)

An alien empire has found Gonzo’s appearance on Earth, They bring him and The Muppets ...

Eyes of Katrina (SNL)

What if the cast of Eyes of Katrina were SNL cast members?

The Lost World (90's)

What if Hollywood try to compete Jurassic Park in the early 90's with another dinosaur-movie ...

Justice League/Avengers: The Force Awakens

The Justice League and Avengers team up to stop Kylo Ren and the First Order ...

Rise of the Guardians (Part 2)

This is the sequel to "Rise of the Guardians" What would it be like in ...


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