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Marvel's Damage Control by Marvel/Stan Lee/ABC

The ABC television adaptation of Marvel's Damage Control, since ABC did Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter and Inhumans. Note: John Porter is a young adult, different from the original character in the comics. No offense.

Schooled by Doctor Heliotrope

'Schooled' follows 16 teachers and faculty members of Greenwood Charter School and their mishaps before and after school.

STORM HAVEN by Tristan Hartup and John Silver

(A TV miniseries prequel/spin-off of the Storm Angel series depicting the history of the Storm Angels' home world and its hierarchy.) Thousands of years ago, the far distant planet of Fulminis was the centre of mutuality in the universe, where all sentient creatures can come together and co-exist peacefully united under one banner. The planet and its inhabitants had been under the protective watchful eyes of a race of powerful angelic beings known as Storm Angels who have the ability to control water, weather, hurricanes, and have obtained near invincibility. However, the inhabitants have split opinions on the them, some ...

Class by A Person

A workplace sitcom based around the facility of Glenn Burrows High School. Characters: Tim Parnell: The principal. Innocent and optimistic, more so than some of the students. Jeff Boche: The history teacher. Gruff but caring. Considered the sexy teacher, much to his chagrin. Susanne Pecking= Tim's secretary. Completely bizarre, may have killed somebody. Mary Landerburn= The science teacher. Appears calm, but is secretly a bundle of neuroses. Currently dating Jeff. James Hullen= The gym teacher. Content to ride out the clock until retirement. Tom Chigs= The new student teacher for Jeff. Is constantly bossed around by the teachers and students. ...

Christmas in Dixie by Kyle Cooke/CMT

PLOT: Two families, brothers Timothy and James Starkman(both widowers, who have been feuding since they were teens)manage to put aside their differences for their first Christmas together in Alabama since a falling out between them. Along the way, Timothy's middle son, Brian falls for store manager, Melissa Parrish. COMPARISON PITCH: Angels Sing meets Christmas Comes to Willow Creek

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