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Don't Block the Blessings: Revelations of a Lifetime by Patti LaBelle

The story behind the brazen diva, Patti LaBelle. She tells all about her life and her rise to the top amidst tragedy, personal struggles, and with a “new attitude”

Dancing in the Street: Confessions of a Motown Diva by Martha Reeves and Mark Bego

This story is an account of a career in the entertainment industry and an expose of the Motown scene. In the early '60s Martha and the Vandellas were among the most successful female pop acts in the world; yet by the end of the decade they had largely been upstaged by Motown labelmates Diana Ross and the Supremes. Reeves recounts the excitement and energy of Motown in its heyday, her exploitation by her managers, her ongoing drug addiction and a string of relationships gone sour, and her frustrations in making a comeback after she was abandoned by music industry moguls. …

Dreamgirls: My Life as a Supreme by Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson tells about her life as a member of the premier Motown girl group of the 1960's and what really went on behind the smiles, wigs and the glitter.

Archie by John L. Goldwater

Archie and his friends have hilarious adventures, and give insight to what life is like in the small town of Riverdale.

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis

Biopic about Red Hot Chili Peppers Singer Anthony Keidis who was raised in the 1960s and '70s by his drug dealer father who first introduced his preteen son to drugs by mashing them into bananas. The high school delinquent and UCLA dropout seemed destined for a life of rabble-rousing until his high school band—cofounded by close friends Michael “Flea” Balzary and Hillel Slovak—took off and became one of the most popular groups of the 1990s.

In His Life: The John Lennon Story by Micheal O'Hara

From a boy with a dream.. to the Beatle who rocked the world. Discover John…the angry youth, the musician, the radical, the husband, the father, the lover, the idealist in a movie about the whole life and legacy of John Lennon.

The Beatles by Lennon, McCartney, Starr, and Harrison

The roller-coaster career of the Beatles as it was lived and seen through the eyes of the fab four themselves.

This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Raised by a mother who's had five husbands, eighteen-year-old Remy believes in short-term, no-commitment relationships until she meets Dexter, a rock band musician who turns her rule-oriented world upside down. (

The Barbie Movie by Mattel

This film is based on the life and times of a global icon and her circle of friends & family.

Jem & the Holograms by Christy Marx

Jerrica Benton is the owner of Starlight Music and the Starlight Foundation, which is a foster home for young girls. But by using her earrings to project a holographic image over herself, she is transformed into her alter ego Jem, the lead singer for the successful music group, Jem and the Holograms. Other members of the group are Jerrica's sensitive little sister Kimber, the strong-willed Aja, and the creative Shana. The group's rivals are The Misfits, made up of the cold-hearted Pizzazz, the tough-acting Roxy, and the humble Stormer. Jem and her friends are always involved in glamorous and exciting …

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Bleach The Movie: Hell Verse (Live-Action)

What if Bleach: The Movie Hell Verse was Made a Live Action


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