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The Big Lebowski (Frat Pack) by The Coen Brothers

If The Big Lebowski Was Made By The Frat Pack

Jesus Christ Superstar (Remake) by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice

Jesus Christ Superstar is the story of the last seven days of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of Judas Iscariot.

The Blues Brothers by .

Five criminals break out of jail together.The Blue Brothers, Johnny Blue (Terry Crews) , Big Papa 'Arnold' Blue (Nelly). And the Kelly Brothers, Stacey Kelly (Billy Bob Thornton) , Kelly Kelly (Jeff Daniels) and Bart Kelly (Burt Reynolds). The five men/Brothers join up together to break out of Texas State Prison. But to do so they must go through a bumpy road to get out without being seen. *A Comedy Remake of 1975 movie, Breakout*

Miracle on 34th Street by Valentine Davies

Santa Claus in his secret identity as Kris Kringle goes on a Mission through New York City during Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and he is acquaintedly to be friends with a Lawyer and his fiance and her special daughter Doris, but he accidently defended by a drunkard for insulting him to believe he is Santa Claus. So he was sentenced in the Sonitary Confinement til the judge appears in court.

We Are The Night II: The Black Storm by J.D. Taylor - Based on the characters created by Jan Berger & Dennis Gansel

Although Tom Fenworth is now a vampire, it soon transpires that he is not the only one: Louise's claim that all the male un-dead had been destroyed happens not to be wholly accurate. Guirdane, a four-hundred-and-seventy-six year old vampire, annouces his arrival in Britain with the massacre of people at a student party. With the help of her un-dead associates, Georgina Hathaway, now a Detective Constable, declares war on the parisian blood-sucker, to save Machester's inhabitants from his insatiable hunger.

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