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Red Dwarf by Grant & Nailor

The intergalactic spaceship, the Red Dwarf has been flying through endless space unmanned for several millennia, its crew turned to dust. Dave Lister, a ship mechanic, has been frozen in suspended animation since long before then (his prison sentence) and is let out only to be told by Holly, the ship's transgendering amnesiac computer - who forgot to let him out a little bit sooner - that he is possibly the last man alive in existence. With a hologram of his best friend/most hated man ever to live, Arnold Rimmer, a mutant half human/half cat and an anxiety suffering obsessive ...

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Based on the Radio Series ''The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy'' created by Douglas Adams.

A new TV adaptation of Douglas Adam's radio series THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, which was first adapted into a mini-series by the BBC in 1981...

12 Angry Men (1980s) by Reginald Rose

What if 12 Angry Men was released in the 80s?

They Live by Ray Nelson

Based on Nelson's short story '8 O'clock In The Morning,' and John Carpenter's 1987 film. They Live follows the plight of labouring drifter George Nada as he discovers that aliens have stealthily conquered the human race and are using them as slaves while they secretly exploit the planet Earth. Drifting in on the streets of LA, Nada is given work and forms an uneasy friendship with fellow working class man Frank Armitage but when their squat settlement is bulldozed by the police and they are forced to go their separate ways, Nada stumbles upon a pair of sunglasses that expose ...

Truck Turner by Tony Scott, based on the original screenplay by Oscar Williams and Michael Allen

Matt "Truck Turner" is a bail-bonds collector, a bounty hunter and the best there is in LA. He's been in this job with his buddy, Jerry, since an injury ended his career as a pro American Football player. He's just a working man living at the shit end of the stick and trying to make the most of a hard life with a girlfriend who can't seem to stay out of prison. When Truck wastes a pimp who repeatedly escapes him and then tries to kill him and his partner, Truck finds himself the target of Blue, LA's most powerful ...

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