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Titles Tagged “Spy”

Black Widow by Stan Lee,Don Rico and Don Heck

Train as an assassin and as an spy,Natalia Romanova battles spies around the world as Black Widow.

BBC's The Avengers/The New Avengers by Sydney Newman(characters)

The Avengers --- A quirky spy show of the adventures of an eccentricly suave British agent and his predominately female partners. The New Avengers --- John Steed and his new accomplices Purdey and Gambit find themselves facing new and deadly dangers in the bizarre world of espionage...

007: VENOMOUS KILL by Ian Fleming (Characters), Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

After being reassigned by M to train new recruits. British secret James Bond 007 is assigned to investigate the theft of a top secret tracking device, which was stolen from NASA, which was designed for space missions. 007 accompanied by recruit trainee, Sapphire Lake, learns the tracking device has fallen into the hands of Jim Falcon, a greedy American billionaire and head of FALCON ELECTRONICS and a mysterious red-headed female assassin known only as ''Red Venom'' who gets close to her targets via seduction and kills her targets with poisonous snakes. 007 and Lake discover Falcon is using the tracking ...

Quantum of Solace by Ian Fleming (Characters, Novel ''Casino Royale''), Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Paul Haggis (Screenplay ''Casino Royale'' and ''Quantum of Solace'')

After being doubled-crossed by his lover, Vesper Lynd, who is blackmailed and killed by Le Chiffre's assocaties. British Secret Agent James Bond 007 sets off on a mission of vengeance, as he sets out to avenge Vesper by going after Le Chiffre's associates. Following the trail, the trail leads 007 to Dominic Greene, chairman of a orginization ''Greene Planet''. Learning Greene and Le Chiffre both work for a criminal orginization known only as ''Quantum''. 007 with help from Camille Montes, Greene's Ex lover, 007 goes after Greene who is selling land to corrupt military officer General Medrano, who Camille has ...

Mission: Impossible-The Begining by Bruce Geller

Discover how Ethan Hunt became a member of the IMF and have a student-teacher friendship with Jim Phelps.

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