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Titles Tagged “Spy”

True Lies 2: The Taskers (Video Game) by Based on characters created by James Cameron

Video game which is a sequel to the 1994 film.

The Rook: On Her Majesty's Supernatural Secret Service by Daniel O'Malley

From the bookjacket: "The body you are wearing used to be mine." So begins the letter Myfanwy Thomas is holding when she awakes in a London park surrounded by bodies all wearing latex gloves. With no recollection of who she is, Myfanwy must follow the instructions her former self left behind to discover her identity and track down the agents who want to destroy her. She soon learns that she is a Rook, a high-ranking member of a secret organization called the Chequy that battles the many supernatural forces at work in Britain. She also discovers that she possesses a ...

Carte Blanche by Ian Fleming (characters), Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan (based on the novel by Jeffery Deaver)

With few leads and time running out, James Bond must prevent the mysterious “Incident 20” from occurring and save the lives of thousands of innocent people. Locations include England, Dubai, South Africa and Serbia.

Terry Steel: License to Kill Approved (2017) by Based on "James Bond" created by Ian Fleming. Outline by Daniel Williamson

Spin-off of the James Bond franchise follows the 1st mission of female British spy Terry Steel 008, who is reassigned to infiltrate a corrupt politician and a international terrorist, who both conspire to take control of the British government. When James Bond 007, who was assigned to the mission, falls into a coma, when one of the terrorist's assassins tries to kill him...



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What if Fired Up? was made 10 years later

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what if the 1987 Robert Downey Jr/Molly Ringwald film came out today

Sonic Universe: Shadow Fall

In outer space, the Shuttle Ratatosk makes its way by the New Black Comet. Inside ...

The Freshman

what if the Marlon Brando/Matthew Broderick film came out today

The Invaders (2028)

If The Invaders was made 10 years later


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