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SKIES THAT RAIN UPON THE DEAD by "Red Book" by Tristan Hartup, "One Night Of Hell" by John Tyler

Tayden Holt has been released from a mental institution after being driven to the very edge of sanity by the satanic forces of a red book that belonged to the Hawkins, a long existing family of satanists. But so after, he has a cryptic premonition depicting the end of the world with the mention of the Hawkins and the Grahams, a family of black magic practitioners from Rodgers Grave, Illinois. Teaming up a young tormented wiccan and a fanatic parapsychologist, Tayden goes on a terrifying and dangerous journey to uncover the links and history of the two families together as ...

LUCID TERROR by John Silver and Columbia Pictures

Surrealistic psychological horror involving 4 women from different times and pictures who meet up in a church, confused as to how and why they ended up in a church, until one of the women discovers the church to be several stories high from the graveyard below. The women begin to admire the surrealistic nature of the area until they are being followed by an unknown entity that pushes the four women to their psychological and strange artistic limits as they try to survive their way out by creating their own surreal visuals and discovering what has led them to this ...

JULIUS CAESAR by John Silver, TriStar Pictures, and William Shakespeare (Original Writer)

My own modern interpretation of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. MPAA: Rated R for strong sexual content and nudity, violent images, and pervasive language. Variations: - Whilst remaining true to the original dialogue and monologues of Julius Caesar, there will be more modernized dialogue and a little bit of the famous lines from the original play. - The story will take place in New York City, Nevada, and Los Angeles. - Julius Caesar is a mid-50's CEO of his own worldwide company Caesar's Roman Rise, which involves investing money from and into big or independent stocks. (Think of Donald Trump ...

DESPERATE ROSES by John Silver, Paramount Pictures, MGM, and Warner Bros. Pictures. (Suggested by vin13ish)

In a galaxy farther away from ours, a powerful but stern and welcoming leader rules his medieval kingdom Les Grace with the desire to build a peaceful but protective society. It isn't until a group of men in suits appear outside of the kingdom and start a small battle, led by ruthless head of the 1930's mob Jeffrey Nicholson. The leader threatens to bring about more damage to his home if he does not surrender his kingdom and puts the King's daughter's life at risk, nearly capturing her. The kingdom is thrown into a panic as the King devises a ...

Blood Pie by Andrew Milito

A typical lunch order for an everyday Joe turns into an intense game of cat-and-mouse as he finds himself being pursued by a ruthless pizza delivery man with violent intentions. Comparison pitch: The Terminator meets It Follows, but with a comedic tone. Rated R for strong brutal graphic violence and pervasive language.

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