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The Postman by David Brin (Book), Eric Roth and Brian Helgeland (Screenplay)

In the year 2013 civilisation has all but destroyed itself. After a war that decimated the government and most of the population of the United States (possibly the world) people struggle to survive against starvation and rogue groups of armed men. One such group is called the Holonists. This group is bigger than any other and their leader, General Bethlehem, has delusions of ruling the country. A drifter is captured by the group and forced to join. He escapes at first chance and happens on a mail jeep with a skeleton in it. The skeleton is wearing a postal uniform ...

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes by Bushiroad

Set in a futuristic world, there exist "Toys" which grant people superhuman abilities. This is responsible for a wave of crimes and necessitates employing Toy-using detectives to help solve them. Opera Kobayashi runs a detective agency, Milky Holmes, staffed by four aspiring young girl detectives who attend the Holmes Detective Academy, and each girl possesses their own unique Toy.

First Channel by Based on the Book by Jaqueline Licthenberg and Jean Lorrah.

FIRST CHANNEL is a sci-fi fantasy mini-series which is based on the book ''First Channel'' by Jaqueline Licthenberg and Jean Lorrah. It is Earth in the far future. The human race has mutated into two seperate races. The Gens, mutated humans that feeds on a life-force called ''The Selyn'' and The Simes, vampires that depend on ''The Selyn'' in order to survive. But The Gens have grown selfish and wanted to keep ''The Selyn'' for themselves and wouldn't give up ''The Selyn'' to The Simes and The Gens have total power over ''The Selyn''. A son of a Gen breeder ...

THX by Based on Characters Created by George Lucas and Walter Murch. Daniel Williamson (Idea)

THX is a science fiction television series which is based on the 1971 science fiction film THX 1138. The year is 2271, humanity has relocated behind the Earth's surface, when the Earth's surface is contaminated with radiation and is no longer inhabitable. The human race now lives in a hi-tech underground city in a society where love and sex is forbidden and emotion doesn't compute and the citizens work in factories that manafactures the robotic policemen that enforces the law in the underground city and all citizens are drugged to control their emotions and their behaviour. A disillusioned factory worker ...

Mad Max by Based on the Screenplay by George Miller and James McClausland.

The year is 2014. Max Rockatansky is a top MPF officer (Main Pursuit Force), an elite police force that protects and defends the townspeople from violent gangs that rule the highways and terrorises innocent people and loot gasoline supplies, when the World's economy is low on Gasoline supplies and crime is out of control. After a high-speed car chase, where former violent Motorcycle gangleader ''The Knightrider'' is killed, Max decides to retire. But the Motorcycle gang's new leader ''The Toecutter'' decides to unleash a violent vengeful act on Max when he holds Max responsible for the death of ''The Knightrider'', ...

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