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Power Rangers by Haim Saban and J.J. Abrams

An ancient evil locked away for ten thousand years has been awakened. Now, a sorcerer from beyond the stars has called upon six chosen humans to stop it.

Stolen by Hip Games

A high-tech professional thief uncovers a sinister conspiracy when she is framed for a murder she didn't commit when she is sent on her latest mission to infiltrate a high-security museum.

Bounty Hamster by David Max Freedman and Alan Gilbey

A 13-year-old girl teams up with the only bounty hunter she could afford, a small talking blue hamster, to search for her missing father who was kidnapped by space pirates.

Kim possible live action movie by Bob Schooley and Mark mcCorkle

A teen Kim possible saves the world and her high school from evil doers who want to take over the world as well as dealing with normal teen things in high school.

The Tomorrow People by Roger Price - New characters and plot variations by J.D. Taylor

In different parts of the UK, two teenage girls - Dina Crispwell(16), Jodie Alexander(17) - and two teenage boys - Tom Buckhall(17), Frank James(18) - start to have visions of a young man, who is talking to them. A week later, they are all contacted by a young man called John Francis, who informs them that they are the next stage of human evolution - homo superiors! He says that they have extroadinary gifts that they can use to defend the Earth. After some scepticism from the group of young people, they start to believe John's explanation. Christened by Jodie ...

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(2010)

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