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Titles Tagged “sci-fi”

Under The Dome (2003) by Brian K. Vaughan

If Under The Dome Was Made 10 Years Earlier

Iron Man (TV Show Version) by Jon Favreau and Shane Black

What if Iron Man 1, 2 and 3 was made into TV Show. TV STAR ONLY

S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale by Michael D. Sellers

July, 1995, the time is out of joint. Two teen girls, Sam and Corey, have left Virginia for L.A. to start over. Sam's brother has died and her family's shattered; Corey's too wild. They have car trouble in a small desert town, where Corey immediately starts her partying ways, where a meteorite strikes a windmill, and where a burned-out Desert Storm vet predicts the end of the world in four days. Sam hallucinates while sleepwalking, young men have disappeared from town, and cars come out of nowhere to cause accidents. Time travel may be possible, but it takes courage and ...

Watchmen : The TV Series by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons & John Higgins

What if "Watchmen" becomes à TV SERIES

Elysium (80s) by Neill Blomkamp

If Elysium Was Made In The 80s

Popular Titles

The LEGO Invaders Movie

If The Invaders was made into a LEGO Movie MPAA Rating: PG for crude humor, ...

10 to Midnight

a Remake of the 1983 Action film with Charles Bronson

Infinity War (Anime Version)

All of Anime's Greatest Heroes team up together for the first time ever!

The New Guy

If The New Guy was remade

Die Bad

Star crossed lovers find themselves on the run as they're caught by drug dealers. It's ...


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