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Flash Gordon by Alex Raymond - New characters & plot variations by J.D. Taylor

Several strange environmental occurrences have baffled the global scientific community. A NASA astrophysicist named Dr. Hans Zarkov claims that some alien energy weapon is behind the incidents, but he is dismissed from his job. He subsequently flees to the UK. The FBI assign the task of bringing Zarkov back to the US to be sectioned to Agent Jack "Flash" Gordon. He catches up with Zarkov, but the scientist says he has indesputable evidence at his laboratory. Gordon hires a private aircraft to take them there. They are accompanied by a British flight attendant Dale Arden. En route, a funnel-like passage ...

Batman: Legacy by DC Comics

Based on "Batman R.I.P.", "Batman: Battle for the Cowl", "Batman Reborn", and "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne", this miniseries focuses on Bruce Wayne's disappearance and his former sidekick Dick Grayson taking over as Batman in his absence, with Bruce's son Damian as the new Robin.

Who Would You Cast As The 12 Incarnations Of Doctor Who? by Sydney Newman, Matthew Jacobs, Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat.

If you could do DOCTOR WHO all over again, who would you cast as the 12 incarnations of DOCTOR WHO?...

Doctor Who: The Time War by Sydney Newman (Creator ''Doctor Who''). Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat (Writers).

A computer-animated spin-off of DOCTOR WHO. The spin-off reveals the ''Last Great Time War'' that took place on Gallifrey between the Time Lords and the Daleks. As The Doctor fights and regenerates on the frontlines on the fall of Arcadia. The Sontarans are forbidded to anticapte in the ''Last Great Time War''. The Master is ressurected by the Time Lord's to fight in the Time War. Rassilon, the founder of Time Lord society is brought from the dead and takes over leadership of the Time Lords. The destruction of ten million ships in the Dalek fleet. And the Time Lords ...

Doctor Who (1990's) by Sydney Newman (Creator). Matthew Jacobs, Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat

What if DOCTOR WHO never ended in 1989? and what if the TV Movie and the new series of DOCTOR WHO was made at the beginning of the 1990's? Who would you cast in the roles?...

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