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Escape from Absolom (2011) by Based on the Novel by Richard Herley. Screenplay by Michael Gaylin and Joel Gross.

Remake of the 1994 Science Fiction Action Drama Film Starring Ray Liotta and Lance Henriksen. The Year is 2022. After he murdered his Superior Officer who ordered him to kill Innocent People in a Village and Imprisoned in a Maximum Security Prison Facility. Former Soldier Captain John Robbins is dumped on ‘'Absolom’', a Prison Island where Convicts either fight for survival or die, after Robbins tried to kill The Warden when he disobeyed orders to torture his Cellmate. Robbins learns Absolom is inhabited by two Societies of Convicts: The Outsiders, Gangs of Savage Warriors led by the evil Walter Marek …

Star Maidens by Based on TV Series Created by Eric Paice. Daniel Williamson (Idea)

Reimagining of the short-lived 1970's British/German Science Fiction TV Series. It is the Year 2016. The Planet Medusa enters the Solar System and goes into orbit around the Planet Earth. On Earth, a group of Scientists are sent into Outer Space by NASA to investigate Medusa. Once arriving on Medusa, The Scientists learn it's inhabitants, a race of beautiful Women are the Dominant Species and lives within a Hi-Tech City beneath the Planet's surface and Men are slaves who do Household chores whilst working under the supervision of Female Guards. Escaping from their Medusian Mistresses, The Scientists Liz Becker, Adam …

codename: s.p.a.c.e. by mr.warburton

a group of human and alien races who are protect earth and galaxy from evil intergalactic criminal team called m.a.r.s.(moon atomic renegade separatist) s.p.a.c.e. are good secret space organization they hide secrets from humans but sector 1 on earth led by human johnny spaceson aka space 1 with his alien teammates save earth and galaxy from evil m.a.r.s. and space are stand for space planetary aeronautical central extra-terrestrial

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan by Gene Roddenberry (Television Series ''Star Trek''), Jack B. Sowards and Nicholas Meyer (Screenplay)

Admiral James T. Kirk is still in charge of space fleet, but from behind a desk. Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock convince him to take on a mission which sounds simple, but with the apperence of the Mysterious Khan, things get a little tricky…

Toejam and Earl by SEGA

Based on the Sega Genesis video game “Toejam And Earl” ToeJam explains that Earl's erratic piloting abilities have resulted in a crash-landing on Earth. He says that they must find the pieces of their spacecraft's wreckage to return to their home planet, Funkotron. The player guides the characters as they avoid Earth's antagonistic inhabitants and search for the debris. Should the player succeed, the final sequence depicts ToeJam and Earl escaping the planet in their reconstructed spacecraft. Under the player's control, the characters proceed across a purple landscape that represents Funkotron, and are greeted by their friends and family.

Monster Buster Club (aka MBC) by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel

An alien girl and his grandfather arrive at Earth to reform a secret organization known as MBC, which was formed centuries ago. With her new Earth friends, they must battle criminal aliens who seek refuge in the city of Single Town. From the creators of Totally Spies!

Firefly: Objects in Space by Joss Whedon (Writer and Creator)

The Alliance has placed a bounty on River Tam's head and a Bounty Hunter named Jubal Early sets out to claim the bounty and tracks down the Serenity crew. Jubal sneaks on-board The Serenity while the crew is asleep to capture River and Simon and return them to The Alliance, so he can be paid for their capture and only River can stop him…

X-Force/Cable: Messiah War by Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost and Duane Swierczynski

Nathan Summers (aka Cable) has made it his life's mission to protect Hope, the first mutant to be born since the events known as M-Day. It's not an easy task to begin with, but it's further complicated by the fact that Cable and Hope are repeatedly sliding through time and Lucas Bishop is hellbent on killing the child for fear that she'll bring about the mutant apocalypse. In desperation, Cyclops sends the X-Force to help. All the while, Stryfe is plotting something else behind the scenes. All for the mutant child called Hope.

Doctor Who: The Keeper of Traken by Johnny Byrne

The Union of Traken is governed by a Keeper gifted with the powers of The Source. The current Keeper is nearing the end of his thousand-year tenture, however and asks The Doctor and Adric – who have escaped from E-Space – to go to Traken and stop an evil he believes is plotting to destroy The Union. But the source of evil, The Melkur, has already infiltrated the Counsels of Traken, and has The Doctor decleared a criminal. Allying himself with Consul Tremas and his Daughter Nyssa, The Time Lord must uncover the true power behind the Melkur – someone …

Mad Max (2014) by Based on the Screenplay by George Miller and James McCausland

Reboot of the MAD MAX film franchise and a reimaginaing of the 1979 film. Australia 2014. The World's economy is low on fuel supplies, crime is out of control and violent gangs rule the Highways and loot Gasoline Supplies and terrorises Innocent people whilst The ‘'MPF’' (Main Pursuit Force), an Elite Police Force protects and defends the Townspeople from the violent gangs and upholds the law. After a high-speed car chase which ‘'The Nightrider’' a former violent Motorcycle Gangleader is killed. Top MPF Officer Max Rockatansky retires from the Elite Police Force. But ‘'The Toecutter’', the Motorcycle Gang's evil new …

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