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Turbo (2023) by Dreamworks, David Soren

Turbo Made 10 Years Later

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (The Animated Movie) (1999) by Shigeru Miyamoto

What if Majora's Mask was an Animated Film in the 90's?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (The Animated Movie) (1999) by Shigeru Miyamoto

What if Ocarina of Time was an Animated Film in the 90's?

The Christmas Polar Bears (animated) by Kyle Cooke/Amazon

PLOT: In Alaska, a group of ten polar bears prepare for Christmas. The females are Kitt Ives, Ella Fitz, Brenda King Cole, Mariah Helms and Dina Martin. The males are George Michael Ridgeley and four of his pals, Autry, Mathis, Crosby and Presley. Then they notice an abominable monster is about to come for them. So the polar bears decide to set out on a journey to stop him. RATING: PG The singers that the polar bears are named after: Kitt Ives(Eartha Kitt, Burl Ives) Ella Fitz(Ella Fitzgerald) Brenda King Cole(Brenda Lee, Nat King Cole) Mariah Helms(Mariah Carey, Bobby Helms) ...

Bartok the Magnificent (Live Action) by Don Bluth

The Live Action Version of the Animated Film from the Year 1999

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