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The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (1990's) by Lukas Taylor

A 1990's Version Of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Ultraforce by Malibu Comics

Brought togther by Contrary, super-strong Prime, warrior queen of Gwendor Topaz, Ultra-Tech's armored spokesperson Prototype, the undead Ghoul who's the last surviving member of the Exiles, and one of the first public Ultras Hardcase must protect the public and keep other Ultras include Lord Pumpkin and Rune.

Hardware (2015) by Based on the screenplay by Steve MacManus, Kevil O'Neill and Richard Stanley.

A robot reactivates and terrorizes a soldier's girlfriend in her apartment...

Sucker Punch by Walt Disney Pictures

Based on the Zack Snyder movie, with some changes. While on a cruise through the Bermuda Triangle, five girls fall overboard and are transported into an alternate dimension, where they manifest superhuman abilities and find themselves thrown into the middle an apocalyptic conflict between dark and light. As they look for a way home, they must use their newfound powers to help the people of this parallel universe defeat an evil force that threatens to break through the barriers between worlds, and enslave all of reality.

When the Wind Blows/The Lake House by James Patterson

The precursors to the Maximum Ride series, about a group of six children with the ability to fly, and the veterinarian and FBI agent who risk their lives to protect them from the evil scientists who created them.

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Star Wars: Droids

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