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Lost In Space by Irwin Allen - New Characters & Plot Variations By J.D. Taylor

It is the year 2290. A highly respected British scientist, Professor John Robinson marries American astrophysicist Maureen Leitz, leading to friction between John's nineteen year-old daughter, Judy, and Maureen's children, Penny and Will. Things come to a head when Judy's scientific talents are snapped up by a military weapons company. When NASA places Professor Robinson in charge of their colonisation and terraforming programme, his one-time friend and colleague, Dr. Zachary Smith becomes resentful and angry at being overlooked for such an important task. In charge of piloting the craft is former US Air Force pilot Major Don West. He feels ...

THE SHIELD by Daniel Williamson (Creator)

THE SHIELD is a Action Fantasy TV Show which is like a Graphic Novel. Billionaire and Scientist Dr. Simon Sheilds invents a ''Sheildsuit'', A flexable and indestructable armored bodysuit, from a mysterious liquid ore called ''Dynasteel'', which Sheilds discovered in a Ice Cave in the South Pole. In a series of experimental tests, Sheilds learns that the Sheildsuit cannot be penetrated by Bullets, Knives and Fire, and the Sheildsuit allows whoever wears it to survive any disaster. Learning of the Sheildsuit's poetential, The Sheildsuit inspires Sheilds and Sheilds dons the Sheildsuit and becomes the vigilante known as ''The Sheild''. But ...

Blake's 7 NZ by Terry Nation (Creator), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

Kiwi version of the 70's British Sci-fi Drama series. After being wrongly sentenced to exile on the prison planet Cygnus Alpha, by the corrupt government ''The Terran Federation'', for false crimes. Roj Blake, Ex Resistance leader leads a failed attempt to hijack the prison transport ship ''Wellington''. Blake and two other prisoners, Smuggler and space pilot Jenna Stannis and Cold and arogant Computer Expert Kerr Avon are forced to investigate a abandoned alien space-cruiser, drifting the middle of nowhere. Renaming the alien space-cruiser ''The Liberator'', Blake, Jenna and Avon escape. After freeing fellow prisoners: Muscleman Olag Gan and cowardly thief ...

Blake's 7 Australia by Terry Nation (Creator), Daniel Williamson (Idea)

A Australian version of the 70's British Sci-fi Drama series. In the far future, where Earth and thousands of planets in the galaxy are ruled by the evil Intergalactic Government ''The Terran Federation''. Former Rebel leader Roj Blake, is exiled to the Federation prison Planet Cygnus Alpha, when The Federation frames Blake of crimes he never did. Whilst being transported to Cygnus Alpha on-board the prison ship ''Sydney'', Blake and two other convicts, Space Pirate Jenna Stannis and arogant Computer Specialist Kerr Avon are forced to investigate a abandoned alien spaceship, after Blake leads a failed mutiny. Escaping on-board the ...

The Star Trek Trilogy by Gene Roddenberry

The USS Enterprise in a Action pact sage based on The second, Third and Fourth Star Trek films.

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