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Titles Tagged “adventure”

Avengers: Endgame by Walt Disney Motion Pictures, Marvel Studios, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, and Kevin Feige

After the end of Infinity War, The last remaining Avengers work together with Captain Marvel to go back in time and undo Thanos' victory and bring everyone back to life. This is their biggest fight yet!

The Power of The Dark Crystal by Jim Henson

Several years have passed since the Dark Crystal had been restored, Jen and Kira now rule all of Thra with all their Gelfling people. But suddenly, a young fireling named Thurma arrives to find a shard of the Dark Crystal to save her world from losing their power, this causes both the Mystics and the Skeksis to return from their crystal prison! Thurma and her Gelfling friend Kensho embark on a new incredible adventure!

Avengers/Justice League: The Force Awakens by DC Entertainment and Marvel Studios and LucasFilm LTD.

The Avengers and The Justice League team up to stop Kylo Ren and the First Order from invading Earth

Welcome to Crystal Cove by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa; characters by Hanna-Barbera

In a world from the creators of Riverdale and Love, Simon comes tales from a small town haunted by a string of murders, and the only hope is four teens hailing from different cliques: jock Fred Jones, spoiled rich-girl Daphne Blake, bespectacled bookworm Velma Dinkley, and kettleheaded jokester Shaggy Rogers, accompanied by Shaggy’s newly-adopted Great Dane, Scooby-Doo.

Shrek 5: A New Beginning by DreamWorks Animation

An all new chapter for Shrek begins as he and his friends and family set off on a new adventure with new allies to restore their swamp and the kingdom Far Far Away from new evil forces that await them! It's a long-awaited continuation full of adventure, action, songs, new characters, and unexpected twists and turns! It's never ogre till it's ogre!

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