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Hot Lead and Cold Feet by Rod Piffath

Way out west, a rich old man had two such different sons: Eli spoke with Bible raised, and Billy spoke with guns. Daddy Bloodshy left a will, and Eli said that's fair, but Billy said, “No, let's fight it out… so I can get your share.” The mayor said, “Folks, let's work it out by setting up a race.” And everyone said, “Poor preacher man will fall right on his face.” Eli was a city boy, and Billy knew the land. “Please don't go,” the schoolmarms begged… but Eli took a stand. When they meet, it'll be like… Hot Lead …

A Fistful of Dollars by Sergio Leone

A remake of the 1964 classic, it would AWESOME!!!!!! That sums it up.

Timon & Pumbaa: The Movie by Me, Myself, and I

tis a movie about Timon & Pumbaa. Before anyone says “We already have one, it's called Lion King 1 1/2”, This is more based off of the countinuancy of the tv show.

Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar Games

In the year 1911, John Marston, a retired outlaw formerly of a gang led by Dutch van der Linde, is taken away from his wife Abigail and his son Jack by government agents. The agents tell Marston that his family will be safely returned to him if he hunts down the remaining lead members of his former gang. Left with no choice, Marston travels to the territory of New Austin to capture or kill some of his old friends.

Major Dundee by Harry Julian Fink, Oscar Saul, & Sam Peckinpah (1965 screenplay)

Remake of Sam Peckinpah's criminally underrated 1965 film. During the last winter of the Civil War, cavalry officer Major Amos Dundee leads a contentious troop of Army regulars, Confederate prisoners and scouts on an expedition into Mexico to destroy a band of Apaches who have been raiding U.S. bases in Texas. (from

Blazing Saddles by Mel Brooks

The Ultimate Western Spoof. A town where everyone seems to be named Johnson is in the way of the railroad. In order to grab their land, Hedy (oh Hedley, I'm sorry.) Lemar, a politically connected nasty person, sends in his henchmen to make the town unlivable. After the sheriff is killed, the town demands a new sheriff from the Governor. Hedley convinces him to send the town the first Black sheriff in the west. Bart is a sophisticated urbanite who will have some difficulty winning over the townspeople.

Bounty Hunt by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

BOUNTY HUNT is a TV Movie which is inspired by the PS2 Game STAR WARS: BOUNTY HUNTER. After sucessfully capturing thief Billy Port and collecting the bounty on his head. Professional bounty hunter Van Austin is chosen by wealthy landowner Peter Luther Kirby for a special hunt. Austin and other bounty hunters are chosen by Kirby to compete against each other for a prize money of $1000 billion dollars. Austin and the other bounty hunters are hired to kill the deranged and dangerous notorious outlaw ‘'Bloody’' Beatrix Atherton. Teaming up with his lover and partner Alana White and with help …

Napier and Hastings by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

NAPIER AND HASTINGS is a TV Movie. In ‘'Holton’', a town by the mountains. John Napier and Robert Hastings, two rival bounty hunters looking for work, are both hired by Edward Haas, the wealthy and corrupt boss of the town's local mining company. Haas hires both bounty hunters to track down and kill a bandit called Frank Hutton, who has stolen a chest which contains Haas's fortune in gold. Soon, Haas betrays Napier and Hastings, when Napier and Hastings both fail to kill Hutton and Haas sends a professional killer called Theo Cronyn and his army of gunmen to gun …

Jameson by Daniel Williamson (Devisor)

JAMESON is a Western TV Show. The year is 1822. A man called Jameson awakes and finds himself lying half-dead by the grave of a woman called Ellen Spenser in a cemetery outside the town ‘'Silverstar’', only to find he is suffering from amnesia and he has no memories of his past, he doesn't remember who he is or why he is lying half-dead at Ellen Spenser's grave, all he knows that his name is Jameson. Befriend and nursed back to health by a hansome gunslinger called Daniel Friday. Jameson and Friday ride across the desert wilderness and the mountains …

Lara Laredo and Son by Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

LARA LAREDO AND SON is a TV Movie. After her husband, professional bounty Hunter Austin is gunned down by rival bounty hunter Patrick Tannen, when he was trying to subdue and collect the reward on the head of bank robber Luther Dahlman. Lara Laredo and her son Ridge goes to the town ‘'Pine City’' to meet up with Austin's old friend, Tom Castle, also a bounty hunter, so he can teach Austin how to be a bounty hunter and follow in the footstep of his father, which was in a letter Austin wrote to Ridge, which he left to Tom. …

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