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Splinter Cell by Tom Clancy

Sam Fisher is an elite Black-Ops agent called the Splinter Cell. When two government operatives undercover in Georgia go missing, Sam is sent in by the Third Echelon to investigate. He discovers that the Georgian president is conspiring with mercenaries and computer experts for some kind of master plan, and despite Sam interrogating various involved members, he has a hard time getting further information, until its too late. What follows is a maelstrom of conspiracies, political backstabs, and complete pandemonium.

Chrono Trigger by The Dream Team

Boy meets girl. Girl is inadvertently swept back in time. Boy gives chase. Boy discovers that an alien macro-parasite lies dormant deep within the planet, slowly draining the planet of its energy in preparation for an apocalyptic awakening. The world's demise is all but predestined. Boy endeavors to do the unthinkable: defy destiny.

Twisted Metal by Incog Inc. Entertainment

A mysterious man named Calypso starts a motor destruction tournament where the winner gets their greatest wish granted.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by George Lucas/BioWare

Four thousand years before the fall of the Republic, before the fall of the Jedi, a great war was fought, between the armies of the Sith and the forces of the Republic. A warrior is chosen to rescue a Jedi with a power important to the cause of the Republic, but in the end, will the warrior fight for the Light Side of the Force, or succumb to the Darkness?

Hitman: Codename 47 by Andrew Brennand (Eidos UK)

The exploits of a mysterious hitman known only as Agent 47. He is hired to take down some of the worlds most evil and guarded figures of organized crime and politics.

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