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Tia the Defender by Based on the screenplay "Nowhere to Run" by Joe Eszterhas, Leslie Boham and Randy Feldman. Daniel Williamson (Storyline)

TIA THE DEFENDER is a TV movie which is a fantasy remake of the 1993 film NOWHERE TO RUN. A slave woman named Tia, escapes from a slave colony, with help from her brother, after she kills her master in self-defense. Tia kills one of her master's warriors, whom kills her brother and takes his sword. Fleeing into the desert, Tia arrives at a desert farm, home to farmer Toran and his son Varos, so she can find a place to hide from mercenaries, whom have been hired to capture or kill her. But Tia soon learns the desert farm ...

Passion by James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim; based on the film "Passione d'Amore" by Ettore Scola and the novel "Fosca" by Iginio Uno Tarchetti

Captain Giorgio Bachetti of the Italian military finds himself at a remote base in 1863. He is engaged in a passionate relationship of letters with his beautiful mistress from home, Clara. At the base, however, he catches the attention of the Colonel's sickly cousin, Fosca. She soon not only falls in love with Giorgio, but also becomes obsessed with him. Giorgio attempts to resist her attempts, but eventually he begins to appreciate her total devotion and ends up sleeping with her before she passes away.

Meet Me in St. Louis by Hugh Wheeler, Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane; based on the screenplay by Irving Brecher and Fred F. Finklehoff and the stories by Sally Benson

Taking place in 1904, Meet Me in St. Louis is an optimistic musical about the Smith family of St. Louis. Life is wonderful in St. Louis: the World Fair is about to begin and love is in the air. This happy world crumbles when Mr. Smith runs into financial trouble and announces that the family will have to move to New York. Soon, the family has packed all their things and is about to start the move. At the last minute, Mr. Smith realizes how much his family loves St. Louis. To the joy of everyone, Mr. Smith announces that ...

Tic-Tac-Toe: X V. O by Matt Warburton

Two forbidden lovers Romeo and Juliex are caught up in the conflict between the two mighty armies of cross and circle...

Catherine by Katsura Hashino

Vincent Brooks is a 32 year old office worker who is engaged to his childhood sweetheart Katherine, but is in no hurry to marry her, and in fact, is having many second thoughts about going through with it. His life changes when he meets the young, sexy and mysterious Catherine, and starts an affair with her. But there seems to be something sinister about Catherine, and there's the issue surrounding a string of unsolved murders invovling young men who've died in their sleep. Now Vincent is the next victim, trapped in a nightmare and must choose between the two women ...

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