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Aloha (2005) by Cameron Crowe

Aloha made 10 years earlier.

UNEARTHLY by Tristan Hartup

In the not too distant future, two highly accomplished scientists are sent on a mission to Mars, but upon arriving, their ship is severely damaged and have lost communication with NASA. Through their struggle to survive, they end up having an affair and baring a son. Over the next 22 years, the scientists continued to survive on the planet as well as raising their son and telling him stories of Earth, sparking his fascination with it. Until they pass away, leaving their now grownup son to continue the struggle for survival, but before too long, NASA is able to pick ...

Speedway Junky (2018) by Nickolas Perry

What if Speedway Junky became a remake and released around the year 2018?

TAINTED LOVE by John Silver and Warner Bros Pictures/New Line Cinema

The story of a Brazilian party animal and a beautiful introverted French woman who meet up accidentally at a party in Rio de Janeiro, which results in the bad boy falling in love with the French woman as she returns to her home in France, driving the Brazilian crazy and tempted to go to an area he's never been in before, all while being pursued by a man from his past who takes an interest in the French woman. MPAA: Rated R for crude sexual content and language throughout, brief violence, and drug content. (Although English language is spoken throughout ...

CRACK CHECK: PART 2 by Tristan Hartup

One year later, Sam Woodlock and Millie Hayworth have separated and have tried to continued with their lives before but the emotional scars still remain, Sam is keeping to his usual routine: well educated freelance security systems engineer by day, violent antisocial loner by night, although he is trying to recapture his bond with people again and his insomnia is clearing up. Millie has been released from prison and has gone back to work with Billy Grindhouse on bring his big drug deal to life. But Grindhouse is hell bent on making Sam pay, and orders a hit on everyone ...

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The Boxcar Children

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Guardian Damon

As Westlake High reels in the tragic suicide of autistic Damon Albright, whom his friends ...

Hearts Beat Loud(80s)

what if the new Nick Offerman/Kiersey Clemons film was release in the 80s.

the Marvel Netflix shows

what if the Marvel Netflix shows all premiered in the 90s.

Iron Man (1998)

Iron Man made 10 years earlier


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