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Chani and Paul by From the novel ''Dune'' by Frank Herbert

Science fiction drama mini-series based on Frank Herbert's best-selling novel DUNE. Set after the assassination of Duke Leto Atriedes. The CHANI AND PAUL mini-series follows the love-affair between Chani, Fremen warrior woman and daughter of the half-fremen Imperial ecologist Dr. Liet Kynes and Paul, son of Duke Leto and his concubine, Lady Jessica of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood. As Paul becomes the Fremen's powerful leader ''Maud'dib'' and leads the Fremen against the galactic emperor Shaddam IV and Baron Harkonnen, who assassinated his father. As Paul vows to avenge his father and free the Fremen and their homeworld, the desert planet ...

Code Lyoko: Live Action Movie! by Matt Middleton

A live action adaptation of the cartanime (cartoon/anime) Code Lyoko.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon - New characters & plot variations By J.D. Taylor

Britain, 1954. The Hemery Ladies Academy boasts a wealth of young ladies who represent the creme-de-la-creme of female students in this country, with two exceptions - Anne Summers, who is hopeless at all physical and other elitist subjects, she is regarded as a rank outsider, and her only friend, Jessica "Willow" Rosenberg (so named, because of her protensity for weeping when exposed to the ruthless nature of some of the girls). They are constantly bullied, savagely teased, particularly by head girl Cordelia Chase, and Anne is saddled with the nickname "Buffy", because Anne is regularly given the job of polishing ...

We Are The Night by Jon Berger & Dennis Gansel - Plot Variation & New Characters By J.D. Taylor

Lena Halvinson, an eighteen year-old former care home & halfway house resident, spends her days in the city of Manchester shoplifting, and moving from bedsit to bedsit. Thanks to her athletic abilities, she has constantly managed to evade the security staff at various shopping centres, and constables who are on the look out for her. Her nights are spent at this best clubs, either partying, looking for one-night stands, or flogging what she steals to the 'fences' who hang around there. However, one night, she enters a nightclub called 'Scarlet Frenzy' in Knightsbridge, owned by three wannabe 'It-Girls' - Louise, ...

Chelsea Centauri by J.D. Taylor

In the early hours of 23rd April 2011, a small spaceship crashes in a field on the outskirts of Chelsea. Emerging from within is a teenage girl. She takes the name of the London district she has arrived near, which is printed on a road sign, and heads to the nearest town. Chelsea is taken in by the Sturridge family, believing her to be a runaway. Her strange habits and erratic behaviour arouse the interest of social services, in particular a social worker named Jane Chapman. In secret, Chelsea's purpose for coming to Earth is clear: she is studying the ...

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