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The Dying Love (2015) by Woody Allen

A successful but arrogant doctor who form a romantic relationship with young ballet dancer with a help from a very dying elderly african-american man Main Characters Kurt Palmer - 46 years old arrogant doctor who think of himself and doesn't care for anyone until he met Jennifer Quinn who change his life forever Jennifer Quinn - 26 years old kind ballet dancer who falls in love with Kurt and have a problem dating a younger mans Leonard Richardson - 86 years old dying african-american man who becomes Kurt's love teacher to improve his romantic relationship with Jennifer Ethan Maddox - ...

Dancing Queen by Nick Vivian - Plot Variations & New Characters By J.D Taylor

21 year-old Mancunian Julie Drummond has had to take two jobs to help her widowed mum, Marie. During the day, she works in an estate agent's, but by night, under the name Pandora, she sheds her clothes for various, often horny clients. One night, she is booked for the stag party of a visiting peer of the realm - Lord Neil Wendell-Fanning, who is marrying Lady Sophie Anderton-Treadwell, the next day. His best man, Captain Hathaway, is envious of him marrying Sophie, and spikes Lord Fanning's drinks. The next morning, he wakes with a hangover, and on a train to ...

Casanova (2015) by Michael Cristofer and Jeffery Hatcher

Casanova made 10 years later

Tristan and Isolde (1996) by Rosemary Sutcliff and Dean Georgaris

Tristan and Isolde made 10 years earlier

Girls' Christmas Night Out (2015) by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

A 50 years old man, Sparky Jones suddenly meets a group of 7 YOUNGER Womens who force him to join him on their annual Girls' Christmas Night Out when they found out that he was never married because he couldn't fight his shyness toward womens however their Girls' Christmas Night Out will becomes nightmare when Sparky's younger brother decides to kill him so he could get all 7 womens as his trophy MPAA: Rated R for languages, drugs, nudity, and violence Characters: Sparky Jones- The only guy of the group, He is struggle with shyness that prevent him from getting ...

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what if the new Amy Schumer film was release in the 80s.

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what if the Horror film was release today.

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