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Casino Royale (1960's) by Based on the Book by Ian Fleming. Screenplay by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Paul Haggis.

What if CASINO ROYALE was never made in 2006 and was made back in the 1960's? Who would you cast in the roles?... James Bond is a seductive British secret agent who has achieved ''007'' status. After trying to capture a criminal in a embassy, by illegally entering the country, 007's boss 'M' is displeased with his efforts and is unsure if he is the right man for the job. As he continues to follow the trail, the trail leds Bond to the Bahamas to corrupt bank Le Chiffre who is funding international terrorists. After seducing Solange, the beautiful wife ...

The Goodbyes by Daniel Williamson (Devisor)

THE GOODBYES is a 60-Minute American Action TV show. Carlton Goodbye and his wife Sheena are a happily married young couple in their 30's, who both use to work for ''Redemption'', a ruthless agency as trained assassins. Carlton and Sheena both retired from ''Redemption'', when they both fell in love and decided to get married and live normal lives together. But during their wedding, Carlton and Sheena are both betrayed by their former boss, Killifer, when Killifer sent armed hitmen to elimintate them both, when Killifer learns Carlton failed to kill his last target before retiring, a Japanese Mafia boss ...

I My Me! Strawberry Eggs by YOM (original story); Joss Whedon (screenplay)

A revised version with a happy ending. After moving into his apartment, Hibiki aims to be a teacher so he can pay the rent. Unfortunately, the nearest school won't hire him due to his gender. When his landlady, Lulu, hears of it, she decides to help him get past it by having him masquerade as a woman so he can get the job. Once there, he starts teaching the PE class. Between teaching and trying to keep his identity a secret, he finds himself in a lot of mayhem. However, it helps that one girl in his class, Fuko, is ...

First Channel by Based on the Book by Jaqueline Licthenberg and Jean Lorrah.

FIRST CHANNEL is a sci-fi fantasy mini-series which is based on the book ''First Channel'' by Jaqueline Licthenberg and Jean Lorrah. It is Earth in the far future. The human race has mutated into two seperate races. The Gens, mutated humans that feeds on a life-force called ''The Selyn'' and The Simes, vampires that depend on ''The Selyn'' in order to survive. But The Gens have grown selfish and wanted to keep ''The Selyn'' for themselves and wouldn't give up ''The Selyn'' to The Simes and The Gens have total power over ''The Selyn''. A son of a Gen breeder ...

Jetta by Dan DeCarlo

Cosmic mis-adventures of high school sweetheart Jetta, her friends and her daily life at Neutron High School

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