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The Proposal (80s) by Anne Fletcher

The Proposal In The 80s

The Five Year Engagement (80s) by Nicholas Stoller

The Five Year Engagement In The 80s

When Harry Met Sally by MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remake Of The Movie

Couture Candy by J.D. Taylor

The recession that has dogged the US economy suddenly threatens the future of Myerstein High in South California. The school is heavily in debt, and the bank is threatening to close it down, unless the principal, Harvey Russell, can raise $250,000 in the next month. One of the members of the student body, Kaye Clarkson, comes up with the idea of using left-over costumes from past high school stage production to create a new line of garments that can be sold at a fashion show. Principal Russell agrees, and convinces the high school 'jocks' and 'princesses' to model the clothes. ...

Red Roses by Mckenzy Sandoval

Michael Smith is a kind-hearted young businessman with a dark side, he is a psychopathic serial killer who preys on, sleeps with and kills young women and buries them in their undergarments in the yard of his estate in New York and has a red rose planted above each of their graves. One day, while in Manhattan, he meets a beautiful, young fashion store clerk named Annie Veal and both fall in love with each other and get married. Annie's life with Michael is a dream come true but when she finds out about Michael's secrets, her life suddenly becomes ...

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a Remake of the 1979 Comedy with Dudley Moore & Bo Derek

Sing (2026)

Sing made 10 years later.

Armageddon (all female cast)

A remake of the 1998 film "Armageddon", starring mainly women. NOTE: The AJ and Grace ...


Pete Morgan hates superheroes with a burning passion, ever since an incident that happened when ...

Darrell's Next Misfire

Meghan Glover is a young but highly promising actress, everyone is saying that she could ...


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