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Titles Tagged “horror”

EXERCITUM by Tristan Hartup and Dawson Joyce

Teenager Tom Whitley grew up in a broken home, having to cope with a traumatic memory of witnessing his mother's suicide when he was very young, being pretty much the only one to care for his troubled younger sister and protecting both of them from an abusive father. Tom is very sickly looking, he lacks any energy and he has trouble sleeping, but he has one secret, throughout most of his life, Tom sees strange and disturbing things that no one else can see. Until one day, Tom ends up becoming the target of possession by an ancient spirit, only ...

It (2007) by Stephen King

It made 10 years earlier.


Second entry to this neo-noir Lone Wolf trilogy, and this movie will be a 3-hour-and-20 minute entry (without splitting up into two parts), focusing on new characters, the development of a new vampire society, and more questions to be raised. -- PLOT: Tensions are now on the rise as James and Sean are captured by Kyra, revealed to be leading the vampire factions and have developed a well-established society with a new faith and system of soldiers bent on taking down both Miles de Bond and Payton-Marcus. Marlene is nowhere to be found and is transforming into something much greater ...

The Hitcher (2017) by Eric Red

A young couple's life turned upside down when a hitchhiker asks them for a ride.

Tech Dead by Eric Heisserer, Kim Tae-hyung, Hong Geon-suk, Kim Tae-kyung

It's based on the 2012 South Korean film by Kim tae-kyung. It's about people who watch YouTube videos that curse them to death. MPAA rating: PG-13 for terror throughout, intense sequences of violence, sexuality and drug material

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In The Bedroom (1981)

What if it was made in the 80s?


A young lawyer is caught up in a case of a drifter who sexually asasaulted ...

Sex Drive (2018)

What if it was made 10 years later?

Passengers (2026)

Passengers made 10 years later

Coast of Haven

High school freshman, Tom Reynolds starts off his freshman year by moving to the town ...


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