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Titles Tagged “horror”

Freddy vs. Jason by Ronny Yu

what if Freddy vs. Jason came out today

Thrilled To Kill by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

A drug addicted college dropout goes on a killing spree. MPAA Rating: R for brutal violence, sexual content, pervasive language, drug use, teen drinking and some graphic nudity

Play Misty for Me (2018) by Clint Eastwood

What if the classic Clint Eastwood film were made today?

THE WRAITH'S RETRIBUTION by Tristan Hartup, Vincent Garcia, and Giovanni Garcia

(The third and final solo Wraith title, though he will return in the final Power Crew movie.) Wounded and spiritually and physically exhausted from his turn in Russia, Max Wincott, against his own better judgement, returns home to San Francisco with one goal in mind: to tie up any and all loose ends to see whether or not there truly is any good in him, and if there is, he'll try to hopefully find any way he can to seek redemption. But coming home is much a more dangerous risk to take than he originally thought as not only is ...

Haunted Honeymoon by Gene Wilder

what if the Gene Wilder/Gilda Radner Horror film came out today

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The Commuter(80s)

what if the Liam Neeson film The Commuter came out in the 80s

Bobbie Joe and the Outlaw

what if the Lynda Carter film came out today

Grasshopper Jungle

A teenager in Iowa inadvertently unleashes a swarm of hungry and horny praying mantises to ...


what if the new Netflix film was release in the 80's

God Of War

Many years have passed since Kratos took his vengeance against the Olympian gods, destroying the ...


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