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The Loners by Skeeter Hurd, Ned Lowe

A story of five teenagers who have no place called home, became superheroes and called themselves the Loners. (NOTE: It's a spin-off from The Invaders, so there's different characters.) CHARACTER LIST: Ben Donnelly - He is a jock. Nick Finnegan - He is a smart but socially awkward geek. Artie Walsh - He is a fast talking bumbling British lad. Suki Doyle - She is a goody two shoes kind of girl. Frankie Nichols - She is an aspiring model. Freddie Dunn - He is the school's bully. Mr. Rapp - He is the teacher of the school. Ms. Newton ...

The Powerpuff Girls (1960's) by Craig McCracken

What if The Powerpuff Girls was made by Hanna-Barbera back in the 1960's?

Denis Villeneuve's Suicide Squad by David Ayer

What if Denis Villeneuve directed Suicide Squad

The Muppets: FROGMAN by Jim Henson

The Muppets play Batman Characters

S.U.P.E.R.B.O.Y. (Legion of Super Heroes) by Alexander and Ilya Salkind Productions - Warner Bros (Published by DC Comics)

What if the Salkinds Produced the Episode series "Legion of Super Heroes" in the early 90's, that Superboy hasn't been introduced. What would it be like ?

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A workplace sitcom based around the facility of Glenn Burrows High School. Characters: Tim Parnell: ...

Denis Villeneuve's Les Miserables

What if Denis Villeneuve directed Les Miserables?

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show (1960's)

What if Super Mario Bros was a TV Show in the 1960's?

Denis Villeneuve's The Grand Budapest Hotel

What if Denis Villeneuve directed The Grand Budapest Hotel?

READY PLAYER ONE: Cameos (Vol. 2)

What more characters should appear in Ready Player One?


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