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DODGE REX AND P.A.M by Vincent Garcia

In 2058 Los Angeles, Earth is protected by SUPER-FORCE who are group of superheroes who are beloved by innocent civilians for always protect them. Until one day, most of SUPER-FORCE heroes are captured by a young ambitious but ruthless billionaire who transform into a solar-energy supervillain and want to turn off the whole world so the people will bow down to him. In order to stop him, The commander of SUPER-FORCE reluctantly called Dodge Rex and P.A.M to help them of stopping the villain from turn off the world. The problem is..... Dodge Rex is not your typical superhero and ...

Father and Son by 20th Century Fox, Plan B Entertainment, Endgame Entertainment, Five Star Feature Films, and Glen Keane Productions

The story for an 11-year-old kid is dancing to rock music in his bedroom at night, causing four baseball team bobbleheads (from left to right, the Giants, the Pirates, the Dodgers, and the Rangers) to bobble. This attracts the attention of his grouchy father, who furiously orders him to stop playing the music and go to bed. That morning, the boy is finishing the music instrument and the school principal gave him the graduation certificate. His father is misunderstanding for the school principal. He tells his son for a story about the rock music. In 1981, he was young man ...

Mockingbird: James and Carly by Paramount Pictures

Legendary Singer/Songwriters James Taylor and Carly Simon have a turmoil filled marriage in the 1970s.

Garth and Trisha by Lifetime

The love story of country music icons Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood

Tim and Faith by Lifetime

The love story of Country Megastars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

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